Anhui Quanchai Group Co., Ltd. in China

Anhui Quanchai Group Co., Ltd. is a listed company including research and development, production, management, trade and investment, which processes several subsidiaries, such as Quanchai Engine Company, Tianli Engine Corporations, Tianhe Machinery Enterprise, Jintian Machinery Company and so on. Quanchai Group is the largest R&D and manufacturer on four-cylinder diesel engine in China. The annual production and marketing capabilities of multi-cylinder diesel engines are about 500,000 sets. Relying on positive self-dependent innovation, excellent manufacturing equipment, active marketing development, perfect sales service, stable and reliable product quality, Quanchai has devoted itself to development of domestic internal combustion engine industry all the time. The products the range of power from 20hp to 380hp, are widely used for vehicle, construction machinery, agricultural implement, generator set, fire-fighting pump, etc. In recent years, by adopting high-pressure common rail, electronically controlled VE pump, EUP, exhaust gas recirculation technology, Quanchai had successfully developed 4A 4B 4H States Ⅲ and Ⅴ products, becoming the most extensive and complete enterprise of small and medium-power States Ⅲ, V products on technology line and product line.

Anhui Quanchai Group Co., Ltd. in China

Anhui QuanChai Group was founded in 1949. Now it is becoming the largest R & D and manufacturing enterprises in four-cylinder diesel engine field all over the world, as a modern enterprise group involved in research and development, manufacturing, managing, investing .The group consisted of several wholly owned subsidiaries, holding companies as well as subsidiary companies, such as QuanChai Engine,TianLi Engine and TianHe Machinery etc. So far, group company’s business scope includes diesel engine, automobile parts, plastic pipe, financial investment. There are more than 3000 employees, working for Anhui QuanChai Group.

QuanChai Engine Co., Ltd was founded in 1998. It is the core company of QuanChai Group, which is the only listed company in diesel engine industry of Anhui province in China. Moreover, QuanChai Engine Co., Ltd is a new high-tech enterprise of national torch plan. QuanChai has “national enterprise technology center” and the first-class product testing center, as well “Anhui postdoctoral workstation”, established good relations with many domestic and foreign research institutions and universities to ensure that the company’s products and technology to always keep up with the world advanced level. Rely on forward-looking products R & D and innovation ability, the company has undertaken and participated in national “863 project”, national new product projects and international cooperation projects. Meanwhile the company get more than 100 patents about the product and technology. 4A, 4B,4F series engine have reached domestic advanced level in the aspects of economy, reliability, environmental protection etc.

With continuously upgrade of the product structure, the products’power of QuanChai can cover 15 to 380 hp, with the excellent quality and perfect after-sale-service.QuanChai Engine is becoming the preferred power for vehicle, forklift, agricultural equipment, construction machinery and generating sets, The product sales and service network covers all over the Chinese mainland and Southeast Asia, Europe etc. The possessive quantity of QuanChai engine is over 3000000 sets.

QuanChai has been focusing on the technical reconstruction in recent years. The company actively apply of modern manufacturing technology, such as IT, the integrated automatic technology. Many international advanced technology and equipment including the static pressure molding, EPC casting, horizontal and vertical conversion processing center, online detection, intelligent robot, AGV and RGV transport trolley have been effectively applied. The manufacturing capacity is continuously improved, which is laying the foundation for high-quality products manufacturing.

Through continuous technological reconstruction and market development, QuanChai has had two diesel engine R & D and manufacturing base. That is QuanChai Engine and Tianli Engine, the manufacturing capability of multi cylinder diesel engine is over 600000 sets. In the future, QuanChai will still be looking user as God, and insist on the corporate spirit of”quality, market, efficiency survival”,depending on the leading product and manufacturing technology, adhere to the growth of green and connotation, to build a hundred-year enterprise.