Yangdong Co., Ltd. in China

Yangdong Co., Ltd in China / YTO (Jiangyan) Power Machinery Co., Ltd. in China is a subsidiary of  YTO Group. Yangdong Co., Ltd  with  “integrity, pragmatic, innovative” concept to provide  high-tech, high-performance,  high-quality products and first  class service for the purpose,  adhere to scientific and technological innovation, to  become experts in power  integrated solution. The company increased R & D efforts, relying on YTO Group National Technical Center’s technical superiority and cooperate with the Southwest Research Institute, Austria AVL, FEV, Germany FEV and Japan YAMAHA, many of the world-renowned agencies, using electronically controlled fuel system EGR system, DPF system, and other international scientific and technological achievements, for a full range of technological transformation, have successfully completed to make diesel product research and development meet Euro Ⅲ, Ⅳ emission standard, and have complete independent intellectual property rights. Company is currently working on product development which can meet  EuroⅤ emission standards.

In 1984, Yangdong successfully developed  first  480 vehicle diesel engine, after 30 years of development, has become the largest multi-cylinder diesel production base of small, multi-cylinder diesel engine, with an annual output 300 000 capacity diesel engine ,we have 18 kinds of basic types of multi-cylinder diesel engine, bore from 80-110mm, displacement from 1.3-4.5L, power cover 10-105kW. Products are suitable for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, low-speed trucks, tractors, generator set,fire fighting pump, water pump,combines, construction machinery, marine units, air conditioning units and other supporting bus.

Yangdong Co., Ltd has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification and ISO/TS16949 quality system certification, small bore multi-cylinder diesel engine was the national product quality inspection certificates, Yangdong diesel engine received 10 consecutive years, “Jiangsu Famous Brand”, “Trustworthy Product of Jiangsu Province” and so on. some products certified by the U.S. EPA, the European Union Emark and CE certification.

Yangdong Co., Ltd has complete engine development and manufacturing capability, from engine design, engine block and head casting, machining, assembly to the factory test, finishing warehousing all completed in Yangdong factory.

Yangzhou Yongcai Machinery Co., Ltd is a powerful dealer and a trustworthy exporter, professionally exports Yangdong products manufactured in China as follows.

•  Yangdong diesel generator sets

•  Yangdong diesel engines for genset

•  Spare parts of Yangdong diesel generator sets

•  Spare parts of Yangdong diesel engines

So we can expand a bit on the key aspects of how does Yangdong Co., Ltd produce Yangdong diesel engines in their factories in China.

There will be main 3 key aspects on the productions of Yangdong diesel engines, i.e., casing, machinning, assembling and testing

1. Yangdong diesel engine – CASTING

Yangdong Co., Ltd subordinate casting factory, covers an area of 66,000 ㎡, with the domestic first-class casting production line, from the sand processing, core making, molding, melting, casting, casting cleaning all done in casting factory production line and testing all key equipment consists of imported equipment.

German HWS automatically static pressure molding line              German Laempe cold core machine                                  American INDUCTOTHERM stove                        

2. Yangdong diesel engine – MACHINNING

Yangdong Co., Ltd. with the machining ability of all rang cylinder block and cylinder head, most of the machining center are imported form Japan and South Korean.

Japanese YNG machining center                            South Korean WIA machining center                           Italian DEA three coordinates measuring instrument              

3. Yangdong diesel engine – ASSEMBLING AND TESTING

Yangdong Co., Ltd. has two assembling lines with 100,000 sets diesel engine assemble ability, using ATLAS assembly systems to control the assembly quality, every engine should be test at least two hours in our factory to make sure ZERO quality problem product to the customer.

Currently, Yangdong Co., Ltd. is producing the following models of Yangdong diesel engines for generator set, i.e., YD380D, YD385D, YD480D, YD4KD, YND485D, YSD490D, Y490D, Y495D, Y4100D, Y4102D, Y4105D, Y4102ZLD, Y4105ZLD, YD4EZLD. These Yangdong diesel engines can be 50HZ 1500rpm diesel engines or 60hz 1800rpm diesel engines. The below are 50HZ 1500rpm water-cooled Yangdong diesel engines for genset.

Engine BrandEngine ModelRated Output (KW)Cylinder No.BoreStrokeFuel Consumption @100% prime powerDisplacement (L)Speed Governor
YangdongYD380D1038090260 g/kw.h1.357Mechanical
YangdongYD385D1138590255 g/kw.h1.532Mechanical
YangdongYD480D1448090250.5 g/kw.h1.809Mechanical
YangdongYD4KD1548595247 g/kw.h2.156Mechanical
YangdongYND485D1748595247 g/kw.h2.156Mechanical
YangdongYSD490D21490100247.5 g/kw.h2.54Mechanical
YangdongY490D24490105247.5 g/kw.h2.67Mechanical
YangdongY495D26495105242 g/kw.h2.977Mechanical
YangdongY4100D304100118237 g/kw.h3.707Mechanical
YangdongY4102D334102118235 g/kw.h3.857Mechanical
YangdongY4105D384105118232 g/kw.h4.1Mechanical
YangdongY4102ZLD484102118225 g/kw.h3.857Mechanical
YangdongY4105ZLD554105118220 g/kw.h4.1Electronic
YangdongYD4EZLD634105118218 g/kw.h4.1Electronic