battery charger BTC2006 replace Harsen battery charger BC7033A

battery charger BTC2006 replace Harsen battery charger BC7033A

Battery charger BTC2006A applied on diesel generator

Function : Replacer of Harsen BC7033A battery charger

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) : 4 pieces

Brand : Chinese LINDRAND

Net weight : 0.6 kg

Country of origin : China

Packing material : strong carton

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battery charger BTC2006 replace Harsen battery charger BC7033A

Harsen BC7033A battery charger was out of production for many years. Harsen factory was closed already. Currently, we often supply BTC2006A Battery Charger for our customers when they buy BC7033A聽battery charger.

Main Features — BTC2006A Battery Charger

BTC2006A series switching battery charger adopts the latest switch power components, which is designed for charging lead-acid starting battery according to its property. The charger is suitable for lead-acid battery float charge. The maximum charge current for 12V charger is 6A; the maximum charge current for 24V charger is 3A.

  • Compatible with 12 / 24V battery, panel microswitch selection
  • 3 stage charging
  • Full range AC input 锛 Up to300VAC 锛
  • High efficiency of switch power supply circuit
  • Precision die-cast aluminum case, compact appearance
  • Fanless design, natural air-cooled
  • Perfect protection function: battery high and low voltage, overcurrent, high temperature,reverse polarity protection and so on.

Auto charging process : According to the features of the battery charging to design, the charger have 3 stage charging method, charging process as follows 锛

  • Phase 1 (constant current) 锛歝harger at a constant current for the battery, at this stage the battery voltage is gradually increased, when the battery voltage reaches Vboost voltage, the charger into the charging phase 2
  • Phase 2 (constant pressure) 锛歝harger at a onstant voltage Vboost (Fast charge voltage) for the battery, the charging current at this stage will gradually decline, when the charge current drops to 15% of rated current, the charger into the charging phase 3
  • Phase 3 (float) 锛歝harger at a constant voltage Vfloat (Float voltage) for the battery. Float process, the charging current is generally less for maintaining the battery fully charged.

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BTC2006A battery charger can be a聽replacer of Harsen BC7033A battery charger.

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battery charger BTC2006A