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Container Diesel Generator


Main Features: 20ft/40ft Containerized diesel generator set is designed according to the sizes of international standard container. Such design ensures to be undamaged because of high pressure loads during the transportation. It has the following advantages: beautiful appearance, compact structure, large capacity, convenient for the movable purpose. Due to the adopted container of high intensity and the size of standardized designs, this can greatly save the transportation costs for the user.


Cummins series containerized diesel generator sets are usually silent type.

1). the corresponding configurations

Genset Modelfrequency3 Phase Voltagediesel generator for landGenuine Cummins diesel engine 1500rpm1500rpm Genuine Stamford generatorContainerized Genset
prime powerstandby power
kwkvakwkvaCummins Engine Modelmodel
CSMT600-CE50Hz400/230V600750660825CCECKTA38-G2LVI634B20 FT
CSMT640-CE50Hz400/230V640800704880CCECKTA38-G2BLVI634C20 FT
CSMT720-CE50Hz400/230V720900792990CCECKTA38-G2ALVI634D20 FT
CSMT800-CE50Hz400/230V80010008801100CCECKTA38-G5LVI634E40 HQ
CSMT900-CE50Hz400/230V90011259901238CCECKTA38-G9LVI634F40 HQ
CSMT1000-CE50Hz400/230V1000125011001375CCECKTA50-G3LVI634G40 HQ
CSMT1100-CE50Hz400/230V1100137512101513CCECKTA50-G8PI734B40 HQ
CSMT1200-CE50Hz400/230V1200150013201650CCECKTA50-GS8PI734C40 HQ

2). comply with the international convention of container safety, CSC certificate, the whole generator set can be directly used as a standard container, completely seaworthy

3). container beams are made in the square tubes, different from the general standard container, in order to improve the container’s mechanical strength, withstanding the higher dynamic load impact from generating set.

4). all of hinges, locks, bolts are made ​​of stainless steel, inside of container, the prevention devices of anti-waves and rain intrusion are installed inside of container.

5). on both sides of the container have a side door, convenient for routine maintenance and overhaul, user-friendly, a ladder outside of container is available.

6). the front and back of the container have a door to be opened, convenient for daily maintenance and repairing of the generator and the engine’s radiator; if overhauls, the generator set can be easily removed from either end of the container

7). equipped with two explosion-proof light / an explosion-proof lights on the control screen, user-friendly operation and maintenance

8). the bottom of the container has the “leakage collection system to prevent the engine may be” leakage ” and the pollution of the environment

9). control panel and output switchgear are on the same side to facilitate the user’s daily operations and output cable connection

10). equipped with permanent magnet excitation PMG system, to improve the motor’s starting capability and immunity to waveform distortion

11). fuel tanks and pipelines, oil emissions, silencers, etc. there are many unique designs, favored by the users

12). inside of the silent type container, furnished with high-performance, anti-aging, fire-retardant, sound-insulating materials and sound-absorbing material, intake and exhaust have a wonderful design of noise reduction



1). fuel pump of automatically filling (or control valve)

2). coolant liquid-filling pump

3). dual oil-water separator

4). automatic parallel system