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Container Diesel Generator 40ft containerized generator

1). Brief Introduction :

The containerized type diesel generator set is a kind of power equipment, adopting 40ft standard container with ruggedized design, suitable for outdoor use in harsh environment.

40ft containerized diesel generator set is designed according to the sizes of international standard container. Such design ensures to be undamaged because of high pressure loads during the transportation. It has many advantages, such as beautiful appearance, compact structure, large capacity, convenient for the movable purpose etc. Due to the adopted container of high intensity and the size of standardized designs, this can greatly save the transportation costs for the user.

2). Main Features :

  • 20FT overall dimension (L x W x H) : 6058 x 2438 x 2438 (mm)
  • 40FT overall dimension (L x W x H) : 12192 x 2435 x 2896 (mm)
  • 20FT container applied for generator set, prime power from 600kw to 720kw
  • 40FT container applied for generator set, prime power from 800kw to 1200kw or more
  • CSC certificate, comply with the international convention of container safety, the whole generator set can be directly used as a standard container, completely¬†seaworthy
  • characterized by advanced leak tightness, ensuring high level waterproof, dustproof
  • abrasive floor: the floor uses anti-slip steel sheet, reducing the inconvenience caused by grease contamination inside of container
  • the genset enjoys low noise level for it is covered by soundproof modular board inside. The noise level is around 85dB(A) /7 meters away from genset, at full capacity running
  • skid resistance ladder is attached to the containerized genset
  • the container has an inner fuel tank, which supplies 8 hours full load operation, and it has external fuel filler
  • the internal wiring unit is packaged by PC hose for cable
  • integrated control panel makes it easy to operate and convenient to connection
  • 2 fire extinguishers are our standard

3). Main Production Steps :

Firstly, our factory buys the NEW standard container from container manufacturer in China, and then on the basis of keeping the main body structure of container, professionally designs and refits the container. At the same time, finish production for the open type diesel generator. After that, put the whole open type diesel genset into the container, install the control panel, circuit breaker, ATS cabinet etc. Once all of these components are done, commissioning begins. If all of various technical tests are ok, do the rest jobs, such as drain the oil, drain the water, cleaning before shipment etc.