Cummins diesel generators

CCEC Cummins diesel generating set for land use

Genset frequency : 50HZ & 60HZ

Phase number : 3 Phase

Default voltage : 400/230V for 50HZ, 440/254V for 60HZ, other voltage can be available for our customers all over the world

Power output : 200kw to 1200kw

Power factor : 0.8 lagging

Country of origina : China

Quality certificate : ISO9001 : 2008, ISO14001 & CE

Guarantee period : 12 months started from on-board day of B/L

Production time : 25-30 days after we receive your 30% deposit

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Cummins diesel generator set

We export & distribute Cummins diesel generators, Cummins diesel engines, generators (alternators), spare parts of Cummins diesel gensets, spare parts of Cummins diesel engines, spare parts of generators (alternators) for our dear customers all over the world. Our Cummins diesel gensets are often coupled to genuine Stamford generators or our own brand “Elecmama” generators. If the buyers need other famous brands of generators, such as Marathon, Leroy Somer, Mecc Alte, etc. our company still can supply them for our customers.

 CCEC Cummins

Genset Model 50HZ Diesel Generator  50HZ 1500rpm Water-cooled Cummins Diesel Engine Made In China Stamford Generator
Standby Power (ESP) Prime Power (PRP) Engine Brand Engine Model Power Output (KW) Cylinder No. Speed Governor 50HZ 1500rpm 400/230V Brushless Generator
KVA KW KVA KW Generator Model Rated Power
YCM200CC 275 220 250 200 CCEC NT855-GA 231-254 6 Electronic UCD274K 200kw
YCM220CC 303 242 275 220 CCEC NTA855-G1A 261-291 6 Electronic HCI444D 240kw
YCM250CC 344 275 312.5 250 CCEC NTA855-G1B 284-321 6 Electronic HCI444ES 260kw
YCM280CC 385 308 350 280 CCEC NTA855-G2A 310-343 6 Electronic HCI444E 280kw
YCM300CC 413 330 375 300 CCEC NTAA855-G7 343-377 6 Electronic HCI444FS 304kw
YCM320CC 440 352 400 320 CCEC NTAA855-G7A 407 6 Electronic HCI444F 320kw
YCM360CC 495 396 450 360 CCEC KTA19-G3 403-448 6 Electronic HCI544C 400kw
YCM400CC 550 440 500 400 CCEC KTA19-G3A 448-504 6 Electronic HCI544C 400kw
YCM440CC 605 484 550 440 CCEC KTAA19-G5 470-555 6 Electronic HCI544D 440kw
YCM480CC 660 528 600 480 CCEC KTA19-G8 575 6 Electronic HCI544E 488kw
YCM500CC 688 550 625 500 CCEC KTAA19-G6A 527-610 6 Electronic HCI544FS 500kw
YCM520CC 715 572 650 520 CCEC QSKTAA19-G3 574-634 6 Electronic HCI544F 536kw
YCM600CC 825 660 750 600 CCEC KTA38-G2 664-731 12 Electronic LVI634B 600kw
YCM640CC 880 704 800 640 CCEC KTA38-G2B 711-789 12 Electronic LVI634C 640kw
YCM720CC 990 792 900 720 CCEC KTA38-G2A 813-895 12 Electronic LVI634D 728kw
YCM800CC 1100 880 1000 800 CCEC KTA38-G5 880-970 12 Electronic LVI634E 800kw
YCM900CC 1238 990 1125 900 CCEC KTA38-G9 1090 12 Electronic LVI634F 904kw
YCM1000CC 1375 1100 1250 1000 CCEC KTA50-G3 1097-1227 16 Electronic LVI634G 1000kw
YCM1100CC 1513 1210 1375 1100 CCEC KTA50-G8 1200-1429 16 Electronic PI734B 1120kw
YCM1200CC 1650 1320 1500 1200 CCEC KTA50-GS8 1287-1429 16 Electronic PI734C 1240kw


Standard Supply Scope:

1). Genuine Cummins diesel engine with 50℃ radiator made of copper wires, not aluminum materials

2). Genuine Stamford generator or our own brand “Elecmama” brushless generator

Generator Brand Stamford Elecmama
Raw Material made of 100% copper wires made of 100% copper wires
Excitation Method brushless, self-excited brushless, self-excited
Insulation Class H class H class
Ambient Temperature 40℃ 40℃
Enclosure Ingress Protection IP 23 Ingress Protection IP 23
Stator Winding 311 311
Voltage Control Way automatic voltage regulator (AVR) automatic voltage regulator (AVR)
AVR Model AS440 or AS480 SX440 or SX460
Generator Speed 1500 rpm or 1800 rpm 1500 rpm or 1800 rpm
Generator Frequency 50 HZ or 60 HZ 50 HZ or 60 HZ
Generator Manufacturer Cummins Generator Technologies (China) Co., Ltd. Our Authorized Factory

Genuine Stamford generator nameplate

3). Auto-Start controlling module, Chinese Smartgen brand, model is HGM 6120U as default
4). Chinese TENGEN, Chinese CHINT or Chinese DELIXI Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)
5). base frame fuel tank for 8 working hours made of high quality steel plates
6). battery for electric start, copper lines for connecting batteries, battery charger, battery isolator

7). heavy duty steel-structure base frame
8). vibration insulators between Cummins diesel engine, generator & common base frame

9). manual hand oil drain pump for Cummins diesel generator set

10). standard accessories & tool kit from Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd or Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
11). operation manuals of diesel engine, generator, genset, genset’s controlling module
12). Cummins diesel engine is fitted with an extension pipe to drain the oil.

13). The water drain pipe and corresponding valve is fitted to the radiator for draining the water.

14). forklift pockets for open type diesel generator set, our forklift pockets still can be customerized.

Optional Supply Scope:
1). open type diesel generator doesn’t have soundproof canopy. If customers need silent diesel generator sets, they buyers should pay extra costs on soundproof canopy

When the prime power of Cummins genset is equal or greater than 600kw, such kind of silent diesel genertor should be containerized silent diesel generator. 20GP or 40GP for choice
2). controlling module for genset, our default is Chinese Mainland Smartgen brand, HGM 6120U. Other famous brands such as UK Deepsea, Czech ComAp, Chinese Hongkong Harsen, Denmark DEIF, Turkey Datakom is optional.
3). ATS (automatic voltage regulator) cabinet is optional. We adopt Chinese “Aisikai” brand, SKT1 series Auto Transfer Switch for ATS cabinet

4). 12 hours operation diesel fuel tank made of high quality steel plates
5). external diesel fuel tank, fuel tank capacity can be 1000L, 1500L, 2000L, 3000L

6). Swiss ABB Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)
7). residule current device (RCD)
8). auto-pump for draining oil
9). 60℃ copper radiator, suitable for tropical areas and deserts etc.
10). separator of diesel fuel and water
11). water jacket heater (engine heater), lubricatig oil heater, diesel fuel heater

12). intelligent control systems, such as synchronization system, remote control, grid-connected etc.
13). single phase Cummins diesel generator set
14). trailer mounted Cummins diesel generator, 2 wheels trainer or 4 wheels trailer for choice
15). rainproof canopy for Cummins diesel generator set





Cummins diesel generator sets

Generator Fuel Tank, Base Mounted Fuel Tanks for Industrial Generators, generator sub-base fuel tank

Generator Fuel Tank, Base Mounted Fuel Tanks for Industrial Generators, generator sub-base fuel tank


water drain pipe for engine radiator

water drain pipe for engine radiator




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Packing Information -- Open Type Cummins diesel generators for land use


Packing Information -- Silent Type Cummins diesel generators for land use

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