Gas generator set classification

The classification of gas generator set will be listed as follows.

  1. natural gas generator set: natural gas as fuel, such gas generator set, its main ingredient of combustible gas is methane CH4. The methane concentration is generally 70% to 97%. Natural gas is the off-gas after a recovery process of light hydrocarbon exhaust, mainly produced from natural gas well or petroleum associated gas wells. Natural gas generator sets mostly are widely used these companies, who can have natural gas resources field, hydrocarbon recovery or access to use natural gas pipelines along the way etc.
  2. petroleum-associated gas generator set: petroleum-associated gas as fuel, its main ingredients of combustible gas are CH4, C2H6, C3H8, C4H10, etc. Methane (CH4) is the main ingredient, whose content is generally about 80%. Such oil-associated gas is produced from oil wells. Therefore, oil-associated gas generator set is mainly used for the oil fields with petroleum-associated gas over there.
  3. producer gas generator set: producer coal gas as fuel. Producer coal gas is created from oxidation-reduction reaction between carbon and water steam in less oxygen furnace. The main combustible components are CO, H2, few CH4 etc. Usually CO accounts for 25%~35%. H2 is 6%~10%, CH4 content is generally 2%~6%, CnHm content is generally 0.5%~3%. Generally speaking, in the producer gas contains large amounts of sulfur, benzene, Chennai, tar, water and some ash. These impurities is extremely unfavorable to run the gas engine. Thus, producer coal gas must be pretreated before it gets into the gas engine.
  4. LPG generator set: LPG(liquefied petroleum gas) as fuel. The main components of LPG are propane C3H8 and butane C4H10. LPG ​​is mainly produced from hydrocarbon recovery enterprise, because easily storage and transportation of liquefied petroleum gas, therefore, LPG generator set can be widely used in gas source region with cheaper price.
  5. blast furnace gas generator set: utilize coking gas, blast furnace gas and converter gas from steelworks and ironworks, after dust removal, desulfurization and purification treatment of de-tar processing, blast furnace gas will entered into gas engine and then be burned to generate electricity.
  6. coalbed gas (methane gas) generator set: coalbed methane gas as fuel. The main ingredient is methane CH4. Methane gas is from coal. There are two ways to get it. First is floor drilling. Second is from drainage tunnel of coal mine. By ground drilling, the methane content in the methane gas is very higher, usually CH4 accounts for 60%~95%, also called coalbed gas. Mine gas in the drainage trenches where methane gas is low, mainly are the mixture of methane and air. CH4 content is generally 5% to 50%. Methane gas generator set is mainly used for large, medium and small coal mines and gas fields.
  7. biogas generator set: biogas as fuel, the main combustible component of biogas is methane CH4, the methane concentration is generally 40% to 65%. Methane gas is generated by anaerobic fermentation of biomass. Its main raw materials are animal excrement and urine, garbage, sewage, plants, animal fat, protein and other organic matters. Biogas generator set is mainly used for farms, landfills, sewage treatment plants, food plants, breweries, fermentation plant, citric acid factory, paper mills and other enterprises.


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