How to use generator set in the harsh conditions ?

How to use generator set in the harsh conditions?

(1). high-altitude plateau region

The assorted diesel engine, especially the naturally aspirated engine when used in the plateau region, due to the rarefied air can not be, like sea level, burn so much fuel as the loss of put some power. For the naturally aspirated engine, the general elevation, every elevated 300m, the power will loss approximate 3 percent, When in the plateau power, power output should be amended to be lower, with the purpose of preventing smoke and fuel consumption too much. Recommend to adopt the diesel engines designed specifically for high altitude environment.

(2). in extremely cold weather conditions

Starting the generator sets in the cold environment is a different thing. Some additionally auxiliary equips (fuel heaters, oil heaters, water jacket heater etc.) helps the engine to start easily.

By fuel heater or electric heater, the cooling water, diesel and lubricants of the cold-state engine can be heated in order to heat the whole engine up and then a smoother start.

When the room temperature is below 4 ° C, the installation of the coolant heater makes the engine maintain the temperature at 32 °C or more.

Low temperature alarm is necessary to be installed in the extremely cold weather situations. Generating units in the below -18 ° C ambient temperature, you also need the oil heater, fuel pipes and fuel filter heater to prevent the solidifying of fuel. The oil heater is installed on the oil pan. After heating the oil in the oil pan, diesel engine can have an easier starting at low temperature. Recommend to use -10 # -35 # light diesel oil.

Intake air heater ( electric warm-up or flame preheating), heats the mixture of fuel and air into the cylinder, thereby enhance the end point temperature of compression, greatly improve the condition of catching fire. The way of electric preheating is to install heating plug or heating wire in the intake tube, directly heat the intake air. It does not consume oxygen without polluting air, but it consumes the electric energy from battery.

Adopt low-temperature lubricants, to reduce the viscosity of the lubricant, in order to improve liquidity and reduce the frictional resistance of liquid internal.

Make use of high-energy batteries, such as nickel-metal hydride batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries. Note that heating or heat-Keep warm the battery. If the generator room’s temperature drops below 0 ℃, should be equipped with battery heater. keep the battery capacity and output power.

(3). high humidity situations

The winding of generator and the control box should be installed heaters , to prevent the generator winding and the control box inside from destroying insulation or short circuit because of the condensation.

(4). operating under the conditions of poor cleanliness

Long-term operation may damage the parts in the dirty and dusty environment. Layer of mud, dirt and dust may be wrapped with the parts, and make maintenance more difficult. The deposits may contain corrosive compounds and salts, can damage the components. Therefore, to maintain the longest life for the greatest degree must shorten the maintenance cycle.

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