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Lijia diesel generator set

Overall, the quality of Lijia diesel engines are at the industry level of middle class. So when Lijia diesel engines are produced for generator sets, we often let Lijia diesel engines be coupled with brushless synchronous generators made of 100% copper lines. Despite these brushless generators are not genuine Stamford generators, but they still can have 12 months quality warranty. So the quality of brushless generators can be trusted without doubt, because we already have many regular customers who currently are running these brushless generators in their countries, such as Sweden, Australia, Philippines etc.

Lijia diesel generator set — 50HZ Catalogue

Genset Model50HZ Lijia Diesel Genset1500rpm Water-cooled Diesel Engine3 phase , 400/230V generator
Standby PowerPrime Powerour “Elecmama” brand synchronous brushless AC generator
KVAKWKVAKWLijia Engine ModelRated PowerGenerator ModelRated Power

Lijia diesel generator se
t — 60HZ Catalogue

Genset Model60HZ Lijia Diesel Genset1800rpm Water-cooled Diesel Engine3 phase , 440/254V generator
Standby PowerPrime Powerour “Elecmama” brand synchronous brushless AC generator
KVAKWKVAKWLijia Engine ModelRated PowerGenerator ModelRated Power


Chinese Lijia brand “D series” diesel engines are only for generator set, including 50hz @1500rpm diesel engines & 60hz @1800rpm diesel engines.

Main Features of Lijia diesel engines:

1). compact structure with strong power output

2). stable running with low failure rate

3). low fuel & oil comsumption

4). easy to maintenance & replacement

5). long service life

6). value for money


Main Technical Parameters of Lijia Diesel Engines :

Engine ModelRated PowerConsumptionCylinder




Air Intake Way
FuelOil( mm )
SL2100ABD16kw @1500rpm≤246.2 g/kw.h≤1.63 g/kw.h21001171.838 LNaturally Aspirated
18.7kw @1800rpm
SL2105ABD17.5kw @1500rpm≤244.8 g/kw.h≤1.63 g/kw.h21051172.026 LNaturally Aspirated
20.6kw @1800rpm
SL2108ABD18.6kw @1500rpm≤244.8 g/kw.h≤1.63 g/kw.h21081172.144 LNaturally Aspirated
21.8kw @1800rpm
SL2110ABD19.3kw @1500rpm≤244.8 g/kw.h≤1.63 g/kw.h21101172.224 LNaturally Aspirated
22.6kw @1800rpm
LJ225D23.1kw @1500rpm≤240.0 g/kw.h≤1.63 g/kw.h21151202.493 LNaturally Aspirated
27.8kw @1800rpm
LJ226D24.4kw @1500rpm≤240.0 g/kw.h≤1.63 g/kw.h21181202.625 LNaturally Aspirated
29.3kw @1800rpm
SL3100ABD23.8kw @1500rpm≤239.0 g/kw.h≤1.63 g/kw.h31001172.757 LNaturally Aspirated
28.2kw @1800rpm
SL3105ABD25.6kw @1500rpm≤239.0 g/kw.h≤1.63 g/kw.h31051173.039 LNaturally Aspirated
30.7kw @1800rpm
SL3110ABD30kw @1500rpm≤239.0 g/kw.h≤1.63 g/kw.h31101173.336 LNaturally Aspirated
35kw @1800rpm
SL4100ABD32kw @1500rpm≤239.0 g/kw.h≤1.63 g/kw.h41001173.676 LNaturally Aspirated
37.4kw @1800rpm
SL4105ABD34.2kw @1500rpm≤239.0 g/kw.h≤1.63 g/kw.h41051174.052 LNaturally Aspirated
41kw @1800rpm
SL4108ABD40kw @1500rpm≤245.0 g/kw.h≤1.63 g/kw.h41081174.287 LNaturally Aspirated
48kw @1800rpm
SL4108ZD46kw @1500rpm≤220.0 g/kw.h≤0.8 g/kw.h41081174.287 LExhaust Gas Turbocharger
55kw @1800rpm
SL4108ZLD51kw @1500rpm≤220.0 g/kw.h≤0.8 g/kw.h41081174.287 LExhaust Gas Turbocharger Intercooling
61kw @1800rpm

Technical Parameters of brushless generator (alternator):

Generator Model3 Phase 50Hz 400/230V PF=0.83 Phase 60Hz 440/254V PF=0.8Generator Packing Information
Prime Power 40℃Standby Power 40℃Prime Power 40℃Standby Power 40℃Net WeightGross WeightLength x Width x Height
Elecmama-164A6. kgs95 kgs53 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-164B8.811.09.712.111.013.812.115.190 kgs102 kgs53 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-164C10.813.511.914.913.516.914.918.696 kgs110 kgs53 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-164D12.816.014.117.616.020.017.622.099 kgs116 kgs53 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-184E18.022.519.824.823.028.825.331.6120 kgs133 kgs58 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-184F22.027.524.230.327.534.430.337.8150 kgs156 kgs67 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-184G25.031.327.534.430.037.533.041.3156 kgs172 kgs67 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-184H30.037.533.041.337.546.941.351.6216 kgs226 kgs74 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-184J32. kgs236 kgs74 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-224C34.042.537.446.842.052.546.257.8235 kgs255 kgs82 x 55 x 81 cm
Elecmama-224D40. kgs270 kgs82 x 55 x 81 cm
Elecmama-224E48.060.052.866. kgs290 kgs91 x 55 x 81 cm
Elecmama-224F58.072.563.879.870.087.577.096.3310 kgs330 kgs91 x 55 x 81 cm
Elecmama-224G68.085.074.893.578.097.585.8107.3350 kgs370 kgs96 x 55 x 81 cm
Elecmama-274C80.0100.088.0110.094.0117.5103.4129.3385 kgs415 kgs91 x 65 x 87 cm
Elecmama-274D96.0120.0105.6132.0110.0137.5121.0151.3405 kgs435 kgs91 x 65 x 87 cm
Elecmama-274E112.0140.0123.2154.0134.0167.5147.4184.3455 kgs485 kgs100 x 65 x 87 cm
Elecmama-274F128.0160.0140.8176.0152.0190.0167.2209.0500 kgs530 kgs100 x 65 x 87 cm
Elecmama-274G145.6182.0160.2200.2174.8218.5192.3240.4550 kgs580 kgs105 x 65 x 87 cm
Elecmama-274H160.0200.0176.0220.0196.0245.0215.6269.5600 kgs630 kgs110 x 65 x 87 cm
Elecmama-274J184.0230.0202.4253.0224.8281.0247.3309.1720 kgs760 kgs115 x 70 x 90 cm
Elecmama-274K200.0250.0220.0275.0239.2299.0263.1328.9720 kgs760 kgs115 x 70 x 90 cm
Elecmama-444C200.0250.0220.0275.0240.0300.0264.0330.0850.5 kgs910 kgs130 x 77 x 99 cm
Elecmama-444D240.0300.0264.0330.0288.0360.0316.8396.0915.5 kgs975 kgs130 x 77 x 99 cm
Elecmama-444ES260.0325.0286.0357.5315.2394.0346.7433.4995.5 kgs1055 kgs130 x 77 x 99 cm
Elecmama-444E280.0350.0308.0385.0336.0420.0369.6462.0995.5 kgs1055 kgs130 x 77 x 99 cm
Elecmama-444FS304.0380.0334.4418.0365.0456.3401.5501.91123.5 kgs1183 kgs139 x 77 x 99 cm
Elecmama-444F320.0400.0352.0440.0384.0480.0422.4528.01123.5 kgs1183 kgs139 x 77 x 99 cm
Elecmama-544C364.0455.0400.4500.5440.0550.0484.0605.01250 kgs1350 kgs146 x 84 x 100 cm
Elecmama-544D400.0500.0440.0550.0475.2594.0522.7653.41358 kgs1450 kgs146 x 84 x 100 cm
Elecmama-544E480.0600.0528.0660.0570.4713.0627.4784.31498 kgs1598 kgs146 x 84 x 100 cm
Elecmama-544FS500.0625.0550.0687.5580.0725.0638.0797.51653 kgs1753 kgs154 x 84 x 100 cm
Elecmama-544F536.0670.0589.6737.0620.0775.0682.0852.51653 kgs1753 kgs154 x 84 x 100 cm
Elecmama-634B600.0750.0660.0825.0684.0855.0752.4940.51950 kgs2020 kgs168 x 95 x 130 cm
Elecmama-634C640.0800.0704.0880.0733.0916.3806.31007.91970 kgs2040 kgs168 x 95 x 130 cm
Elecmama-634D728.0910.0800.81001.0834.01042.5917.41146.82030 kgs2100 kgs168 x 95 x 130 cm
Elecmama-634E800.01000.0880.01100.0916.01145.01007.61259.52190 kgs2260 kgs168 x 95 x 130 cm
Elecmama-634F904.01130.0994.41243.01019.01273.81120.91401.12420 kgs2490 kgs168 x 95 x 130 cm
Elecmama-634G1000.01250.01100.01375.01109.01386.31219.91524.92750 kgs2820 kgs178 x 95 x 130 cm

Standard Supply Scope:

1). genuine Lijia diesel engine with 40℃ radiator made of copper, not aluminum materials

2). our “Elecmama” brand brushless generator with AVR (automatic voltage regulator)

3). Auto-Start controlling module, Chinese Smartgen brand, model is HGM 6120N

4). Chinese CHINT air breaker or Chinese TENGEN air breaker

5). base frame fuel tank for 8 working hours

6). battery for electric start, copper lines for connecting batteries, battery charger, battery isolator

7). heavy duty steel-structure base frame

8). vibration insulators between Lijia diesel engine, generator & common base frame

9). standard accessories & tool kit from the Fujian Lijia Co., Ltd.

10). operation manuals of diesel engine, generator, genset, genset’s controlling module

11). Lijia diesel engine is fitted with an extension pipe to drain the oil.

12). The drain pipe and corresponding value is fitted to the radiator for draining the water.

13). forklift pockets for open type diesel generator set, our forklift pockets still can be customerized.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s our MOQ?MOQ is one set only.
What’s our warranty time?One year or 1000 running hours, whichever comes firstly, started from B/L on-board day
What’s our production time?Within 20-30 days started from the deposit date
What’s our pack materials?Plastic membrance inside, standard export plywood case outside
What’s our port of loading?Shanghai port, Fuzhou port, Qingdao port, Guangdong port in China etc.
What’s our price terms ?FOB China Port USD Price, C&F USD or CIF USD
What’s our default payment terms?30% deposit bank TT before production, the balance 70% to be paid by bank TT before shipment, as default payment. Other payment is negotiable for the customers.


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► We will sacrifice all of our industrial experience for your electric power demand. Thank you so much.