Lovol marine auxiliary diesel engine for genset

Lovol marine auxiliary diesel engine for genset

Lovol marine diesel engine for generator set

Diesel engine model : 1004GM 1004TGM 1006TGM 1006TWGM

Application : marine auxiliary

Manufacturer : Tianjin Lovol Engines Co. Ltd.

Frequency : 50Hz or 60Hz

Diesel engine speed : 1500rpm or 1800rpm

Production time : 15 days after payment

Country of origin : China

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Lovol marine auxiliary diesel engine for genset, how to spend the least amount of money to get it? import Lovol marine diesel engine from Chinese supplier = spend less money. buy marine Lovol diesel engine from your local supplier outside of China = spend more money. It‘s pretty believable and true.

Maybe it is the first time for you to know Lovol brand and Lovol marine diesel engine, maybe you are only interested into buy a new diesel generator for ship use, powered by marine Lovol diesel engine. In either case, at this very moment we have to kindly introduce more valued information for you about the manufacturer of Lovol diesel engines for genset and important technical data of Lovol diesel engines for generator set.

Tianjin Lovol Engines Co. Ltd

The manufacturer of Lovol marine auxiliary diesel engine for genset

Tianjin Lovol Engines Co. Ltd, established in 1997, is a modern diesel engine manufacturer which derived from a former Sino-UK joint venture named Perkins Engine (Tianjin) Co. Ltd. Tianjin Lovol Engines Co., LTD. inherits and absorbs the professional technology and experiences of Perkins UK. Meanwhile, Lovol has 7 advanced production lines which were bought from UK, USA, Germany and France. So Lovol engines are manufactured in China through UK Perkins advanced technology by advanced production equipment.

Lovol’s product catalogue is extensive, and covers B and D series engines for road applications, and the 1,000 and 1,100 series for non-road applications. Powerful, with a power output ranging from 26KW to 202 KW and a speed of 1500 RPM to 2600RPM, each engine contributes to a wide and diverse product application range to satisfy global customers and their needs. Each one of Lovol’s engines are known for their strong power, compact structure, high reliability, and durability, low noise emission and low fuel consumption, making them highly sought after. Emission standards for road application engines meet Euro III and Euro IV standards, and to further demonstrate their power, feature technical reserves to meet Euro V standards. Engines used in non-road applications reach China II, EPA Tier 1/ Tier 2 and EU Stage III emission standards.

In order to meet stricter requirements from customers both at home and abroad, for emission standards, functions, fuel consumption, and reliability, Lovol has continuously invested in advanced machining equipment and first class production lines that have become leaders in China with an annual production capacity of 160,000 sets.

A management philosophy of technology creating value, which creates a market has allowed Lovol to provide customized solutions to global customers. Lovol service system includes more than 1,000 service outlets and parts dealers worldwide to ensure customers get the quality they have come to expect.

Development History :

  • In 1997, a SINO-UK joint venture was established, named as Perkins Engines (Tianjin) Co., Ltd Products Series: Phaser and 1000 series
  • We introduced the Foton Group in 2008. We also carried out emission and technology upgrades, and expanded our production range. The same year we were renamed as Lovol Tianjin Engines Co., Ltd.
  • In 2010, a new factory was set up, according to Stage 1 standards. We also introduced the D series and 1,100 series of products.

The important technical data of Lovol marine auxiliary diesel engine for genset

Main advantages of Lovol marine auxiliary diesel engine for genset

  • The marine auxiliary diesel engine uses a double cooling system of sea water and fresh water. It is equipped with alarm functions for high water temperature, low oil pressure and fuel leaking.
  • The marine diesel engine has a double-decked high-pressure injection pipe, which is safe and reliable
  • The seawater pump in the marine auxiliary engine is gear driven, and is highly efficiency and compact.
  • Using a high temperature shield made of imported heat insulation material, the engine is safe and harmless, as there is no asbestos or toxic materials used.
  • The double wired structure is safe and stable.
  • An electronic governing system ensures a stable engine operation.

Main technical parameters of Lovol marine auxiliary diesel engine for genset

Lovol engine model 1004GM 1004TGM 1006TGM 1006TWGM
Cylinder number4466
Engine typeWater-cooled, In-lineWater-cooled, In-lineWater-cooled, In-lineWater-cooled, In-line
Bore * Stroke (mm)100 x 127100 x 127100 x 127100 x 127
Displacement (L)3.993.995.995.99
Induction systemNaturally aspiratedTurbochargedTurbochargedTurbocharged, air to water intercooler
Compression ratio16.5 : 117.5 : 117.5 : 117.5 : 1
Rated power /speed (kW/rpm)40 / 150060 / 150090 / 1500110 / 1500
Max. power /speed (kW/rpm)44 / 150066 / 150099 / 1500121 / 1500
Min. fuel consumption (g/kWh)215215215210
Temperature exhausting (℃)600550550550
Engine oil pressure (Mpa)0.34~0.450.34~0.450.34~0.450.34~0.45
Average sound dB(A)92929494
Start typeElectric StartingElectric StartingElectric StartingElectric Starting
Overall dimensions (mm) LxWxH1150 x 810 x 9801150 x 810 x 9801430 x 900 x 10001430 x 940 x 1000

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