Quanchai diesel generators made in China

Yangzhou Yongcai Machinery Co., Ltd. professionally exports & distributes Quanchai diesel generator sets, Quanchai diesel engines, generators (alternators), spare parts of Quanchai diesel gensets, spare parts of Quanchai diesel engines, spare parts of generators (alternators) for our dear customers all over the world. Our Quanchai diesel gensets are often coupled to our brand “Elecmama” brushless synchronous generators. Such a combination emphasizes high quality yet value for money. If you need the higher quality generators, such as Stamford, Marathon, Leroy Somer, Mecc Alte, etc. our company still can supply them for you. No misgivings : We have CE certificate as a proof of quality with 12 months warranty period.

~~ Main introductions about Anhui Quanchai Engine Co., Ltd. ~~

Anhui Quanchai Engine Co., Ltd. established in1949, it is a well-known and large listed company through sharehold restructuring in China. Quanchai principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of small power multi-cylinder and single cylinder diesel engines with an output range of approximately 2kw-264kw. Quanchai anual production capacity is approximately 250,000 sets of multi-cylinder diesel engines and 500,000 sets of single cylinder diesel engines. There are more than 3000 staff members. Quanchai diesel engines are used as power units for electric power generators, transportation vehicles, tractors, water pumps, agricultural machinery and construction machinery.

If you decide to buy Quanchai diesel generator sets, please kindly check the following catalogue for reference.

~~ Catalogue of 50HZ 8kw to 220kw Quanchai diesel generating sets ~~

Genset Model50HZ Diesel GeneratorQuanchai Diesel EngineBrushless GeneratorDimnsions — Open Type
Standby PowerPrime PowerLengthWidthHeightWeight
KVAKWKVAKWEngine ModelModelmmmmmmKg

~~ Catalogue of 60HZ 8kw to 32kw Quanchai diesel generating sets ~~

Genset Model60HZ Diesel GeneratorQuanchai Diesel EngineBrushless GeneratorDimnsions — Open Type
Standby PowerPrime PowerLengthWidthHeightWeight
KVAKWKVAKWEngine ModelModelmmmmmmKg

~~ Main introductions about Quanchai diesel generating sets ~~

1). Quanchai diesel engine’s frenquency:50HZ or 60HZ

2). Quanchai diesel engine’s speed:1500 rpm or 1800 rpm

3). phase number of diesel generator:3 phase or single phase

4). voltage:3 phase voltage available for 50hz & 60hz, other voltage still can be available for the customers.

50hz380/220V1500 rpm60hz416/240V1800 rpm
50hz400/230V1500 rpm60hz440/254V1800 rpm
50hz415/240V1500 rpm60hz460/266V1800 rpm
50hz440/254V1500 rpm60hz480/277V1800 rpm

5). power factor : 0.8 lagging for 3 phase genset, 1 lagging for single phase genset

6). starting method : electric start by battery

7). cooling way : water-cooled, not air-cooled

8). chamber type of Quanchai diesel engine : direct injection

~~ Technical parameters about Chinese Quanchai diesel engines ~~

50HZ 1500rpm Water-cooled Quanchai Diesel Engines For Electricity Generation Made in China
Quanchai Engine ModelRated OutputCylinder No.BoreStrokeFuel ConsumptionDisplacementAir Intake WaySpeed Governor
QC380D9-10KW38090265 g/kw.h1.357 LNAmechanical
QC385D10-11KW38590262 g/kw.h1.532 LNAmechanical
QC480D12.5-14KW48090249 g/kw.h1.809 LNAmechanical
N485D15.5-17KW48595245 g/kw.h2.156 LNAmechanical
QC490D20-22KW490105243 g/kw.h2.672 LNAmechanical
QC498D22.5-25KW498105243 g/kw.h2.98 LNAmechanical
QC4102D30-33KW4102118240 g/kw.h3.857 LNAmechanical
QC4105D34.5-38KW4105118238 g/kw.h4.087 LNAmechanical
4JR3AD44-48.4KW4105135205 g/kw.h4.67 LNAelectronic
4JR3AD-145.3-48.7KW4105135205 g/kw.h4.67 LNAelectronic
4JR3ABD50-55KW4108135205 g/kw.h5.32 LNAelectronic
QC4112D55-60.5KW4112135205 g/kw.h5.31 LNAelectronic
QC4115D60.8-67.5KW4115135205 g/kw.h5.6 LNAelectronic
QC4112ZD88-97KW4112135198 g/kw.h5.31 LTelectronic
QC4112ZLD110-120KW4112135196 g/kw.h5.31 LTelectronic
QC6112ZD132-145KW6112135198 g/kw.h7.98 LTelectronic
QC6112ZD-1145-159.5KW6112135198 g/kw.h7.98 LTelectronic
QC6112ZLD165-180KW6112135196 g/kw.h7.98 LTelectronic
QC10ZLD198-220KW6126130196 g/kw.h9.72 LTelectronic
QC10ZLD1220-242KW6126130196 g/kw.h9.72 LTelectronic
QC10ZLD-1242-264KW6126130196 g/kw.h9.72 LTelectronic

60HZ 1800rpm Water-cooled Quanchai Diesel Engines For Electricity Generation Made in China
Quanchai Engine ModelRated OutputCylinder No.BoreStrokeFuel ConsumptionDisplacementAir Intake WaySpeed Governor
QC380D11-12KW38090265 g/kw.h1.357 LNAmechanical
QC385D12-13.2KW38590262 g/kw.h1.532 LNAmechanical
QC480D15.5-17KW48090249 g/kw.h1.809 LNAmechanical
N485D18-20KW48595245 g/kw.h2.156 LNAmechanical
QC490D23.5-26KW490105243 g/kw.h2.672 LNAmechanical
QC498D27-30KW498105243 g/kw.h2.98 LNAmechanical
QC4102D36-39.6KW4102118240 g/kw.h3.857 LNAmechanical
QC4105D40-45KW4105118238 g/kw.h4.087 LNAmechanical

Note:NA = Natural Aspirated   T = Turbocharged

~~ Technical parameters about generator ~~

Generator BrandElecmama
Raw Materialmade of 100% copper wires
Excitation Methodbrushless, self-excited
Insulation ClassH class
Ingress ProtectionIP23
Voltage ControlAVR
Generator Speed1500rpm / 1800rpm

Standard Supply Scope:

1). Genuine Chinese Quanchai diesel engine with 40℃ radiator made of copper wires, not aluminum materials

2). brushless generator with AVR (automatic voltage regulator)

3). Auto-Start controlling module, Chinese Smartgen brand, model is HGM 6120N

4). Chinese TENGEN air breaker

5). base frame fuel tank for 8 working hours

6). battery for electric start, copper lines for connecting batteries, battery charger, battery isolator

7). heavy duty steel-structure base frame

8). vibration insulators between Quanchai diesel engine, generator & common base frame

9). standard accessories & tool kit from the Anhui Quanchai Engine Co., Ltd.

10). operation manuals of diesel engine, generator, genset, genset’s controlling module

11). Quanchai diesel engine is fitted with an extension pipe to drain the oil.

12). The drain pipe and corresponding value is fitted to the radiator for draining the water.

13). forklift pockets for diesel generator set, our forklift pockets still can be customerized.

Optional Supply Scope:

1). open type diesel generator is standard, soundproof canopy, 2 wheels or 4 wheel trailer, rainproof canopy are optional.

2). controlling module for genset, our default is Chinese Mainland Smartgen brand, HGM 6120N. Other famous brands such as UK Deepsea, Czech ComAp, Chinese Hongkong Harsen, Denmark DEIF, Turkey Datakom is optional.

3). ATS (automatic voltage regulator) cabinet is optional. We adopt Chinese “Aisikai” brand Auto Transfer Switch

4). 12 hours operation diesel fuel tank under Quanchai diesel engine or a separated fuel tank for more running hours

5). circuit breaker available by many famous brands, Swiss ABB, Chinese CHINT, Chinese DELIXI etc.

6). residule current device (RCD)

7). hand pump or auto-pump for draining oil

8). 50℃ copper radiator, suitable for tropical areas and deserts etc.

9). separator of diesel fuel and water

10). water jacket heater (engine heater), lubricating oil heater

11). intelligent control systems, such as synchronization system, remote control, grid-connected etc.

12). single phase Quanchai diesel generator

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s our MOQ?MOQ is one set only.
What’s our warranty time?One year or 1000 running hours, whichever comes firstly, started from B/L on-board day
What’s our production time?around 25 working days started from the deposit date
What’s our pack materials?Plastic membrance inside, standard export plywood case outside
What’s our port of loading?Shanghai port or Fuzhou port in China
What’s our price terms ?FCA, FOB, C&I or CIF USD
What’s our default payment terms?30% deposit bank TT before production, the balance 70% to be paid by bank TT before shipment, as default payment. Other payment is negotiable for the customers.

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