Ricardo marine diesel generators

20kw to 100kw Ricardo marine auxiliary diesel generators


Genset frequency : 50HZ & 60HZ

Phase number : 3 Phase

Default voltage : 400/230V for 50HZ, 440/254V for 60HZ, other voltage can be available for our customers all over the world

Power factor : 0.8 lagging

Country of origina : China

Quality certificate : ISO9001 : 2008, ISO14001 & CE, marine CCS

Guarantee period : 12 months started from on-board day of B/L

Production time : 30-45 days after we receive customer’s payment

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Ricardo marine diesel generator set for auxiliary use

Our Ricardo marine diesel generator sets shall be 20kw to 100kw for auxiliary use. In order to get a better understanding on our Ricardo marine diesel generator sets, we have to kindly introduce some valued information for you about the manufacturer of Ricardo diesel engines for generator set firstly.

Weifang Huadong Engine Co., Ltd.

The manufacturer of Ricardo marine diesel engine for genset — Weifang Huadong Engine Co., Ltd.

Weifang Huadong Engine Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating the R&D, manufacturing and sales of diesel engine. Founded in 2001, after continuous efforts to development, current Weifang Huadong has a strong capacity of R&D and production, equipped with the national standard of mechanical processing production lines, including 490 series cylinder production line, 495 series cylinder production line, R4105 (4108) cylinder production line, HD6126 (steyr) cylinder processing line, HD6D51 series cylinder production line, and other key parts’ processing lines. Weifang huadong has the advanced production of special equipment over 200 sets, precision inspection, testing instruments, complete test procedure, meet the national standards of laboratory in China. The company has already passed ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification, quality certification of export products, European CE certification, China Classification Society (CCS) certification, China fisheries inspection bureau certification and Germany TUV certification, fully meeting the qualification requirements for marine diesel engine for the third party and the global customers.

Technical specifications of Ricardo diesel generator sets for marine auxiliary use

Please pay a close attention to some explanations on our genset models as follows.

For example : CCFJ20JW-RI

  • CCF = marine diesel generator set code
  • Genset Current classification code, “J” for AC and “Z” for DC
  • Genset rated power code representing in KW, 20 means the rated power of marine diesel generator set is 20kw
  • Genset classification code, “J” = basic type marine diesel generator set, “Y” = emergency type marine diesel generator set, “Z” = automatic type marine diesel generator set
  • Code of navigation zone applicable to marine genset, “W” for unlimited navigation zone, “Y” for limited navigation zone
  • RI = Ricardo
Marine Auxiliary Genset50HZ 1500rpm Ricardo Marine Diesel Engine Made In ChinaMarine Generator
Genset ModelRated OutputEngine BrandEngine ModelRated OutputCylinder No.Fuel Consumption (g/kw.h)50HZ 1500rpm 400V Marine Generator

Main Supply Scope of Ricardo marine diesel generator set

  • genuine marine Ricardo diesel engine with the matchable sea water pump & heat-exchanger, marine Ricardo diesel engine has electric start-up by battery made in China, standard accessories, tools, tool bag from Weifang Huadong Engine Co., Ltd. are available and provided for our overseas customers.
  • genuine marine Marathon generator or marine Kangfu generator made of 100% copper wires made in China, brushless, self-excited, insulation class H, ingress protection IP23, automatic voltage regulator (AVR)
  • Chinese “Enda” famous brand monitor for marine diesel engine manufactured by Jiangsu Enda General Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • the diesel engine & generator are coupled on a common base frame with metal shock absorber. The common base frame is made of U-steel (channeled-steel)
  • CCS certificate of marine AC generator and CCS certificate of marine diesel engine
  • Manual of marine diesel engine in English version
  • Manual of marine generator in English version
  • Operation and maintenance manual of marine diesel generator in English version
  • the corresponding spare parts and tools, to be shipped with marine genset for the customer’s maintenance & replacement
  • standard plywood case for export

At this very moment, if you decide to buy marine Ricardo diesel generator, will you have a lot of questions in minds ? Don’t worry about this. Just send your enquiry to [email protected] or directly add Whatsapp +86 189-3624-2835. You can get all of answers. You see, importing a Ricardo marine diesel genset from China is not an easy job involved into many things and details. We feel that the professional thing can be well done by professional company. The original will of our company is to sacrifice all of our industrial experiece for electric power demand from global customers. In fact, all the time our work is always to help the buyer reduce the procurement risk and procurement cost. We are willing to do more during the mutual cooperation between our customers and us. Only our customer’s workload goes down, they will have a more relaxed mood to enjoy life with a doubt. This is the goal of our hard work. — Yangzhou Yongcai Machinery Co., ltd.

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Packing Information -- Ricardo marine diesel generators for auxiliary use

Marine Auxiliary Genset50HZ Ricardo Marine EngineMarine GeneratorPacking Information
Genset ModelRated OutputEngine BrandEngine Model50HZ 1500rpm 400V Marine GeneratorOpen Type Marine Genset
kWkVAMarathonKangfuDimension (LxWxH) mmWeight (kg)
CCFJ20JW-RI2025HBE495CMP-H-20-4SB-HW4.D-201350 x 750 x 950620
CCFJ24JW-RI2430HBEZH4100CMP-H-24-4SB-HW4.D-241350 x 750 x 950650
CCFJ30JW-RI3038HBEZH4100ZCMP-H-30-4SB-HW4.D-301350 x 750 x 950670
CCFJ40JW-RI4050HBER4105ZCMP-H-40-4SB-HW4.D-401390 x 930 x 1270700
CCFJ50JW-RI5063HBER4105ZCMP-H-50-4SB-HW4.D-501390 x 930 x 1270750
CCFJ64JW-RI6480HBER6105ZCMP-H-64-4SB-HW4.D-642330 x 940 x 15001900
CCFJ75JW-RI7594HBER6105ZCMP-H-75-4SB-HW4.D-752330 x 940 x 15001960
CCFJ90JW-RI90113HBER6105AZLCMP-H-90-4SB-HW4.D-902410 x 940 x 15002030
CCFJ100JW-RI100125HBER6105IZLCMP-H-100-4SB-HW4.D-1002410 x 940 x 15002110