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Denyo silent type diesel generator
Our Denyo silent generator is a soundproof generator with Denyo design. Power range is from 8kw to 500kw. Once the power output of diesel generator is more than 500kw, we often use container as acoustic enclosure.

A standard generator can operate at noise levels of 100 decibels or more. After our professional processing of sound insulation, most of popular industrial generators will generate only 60-85 dBA noise level at full rated load, which can be considered to be about as loud as normal conversational speech.

The table below shows how common noises compare to each other with respect to dBA levels. Keep in mind that the distance away from the sound source directly affects how loud it sounds.


Sound Level (dBA)Typical SourceSubjective Evaluation
140Shot gun fire (gunner’s ears)Extremely noisy to intolerable
130Threshold of pain
120Jet take-off at 300 ft
110Night club dance floor
100Loud car horn at 9 ftVery noisy
90Semi truck at 30 ft
80Side walk of busy streetLoud
70Car interior while moving
60Normal conversationModerate
50Office background noise
30Inside bedroom at nightQuiet
10Pin dropAlmost silent