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Trailer Mounted Diesel Generator

Main Features:

1).two wheels or four wheels for choice, pneumatic tires

2).maintenance room in both sides of the trailer, very convenient

3).well sealed soundproof canopy can prevent rain and dust, also can noise reduction. Our acoustic canopy is designed by computer software and rich production experience of professional engineers. The soundproof effect is less than 80-85dB(A) at 1m, or 70~75dB(A) at 7m, 60~65dB(A) at 15m.

4).equipped with anti-vibration suspension system, ensure a reliable performance.

5). flexible hook, 360 degree spinning disc, height is adjustable, bolted towed rack and booster

6).adopt the mechanical underprops at each corner of the trailer to ensure equipment’s stability.

7).equipped with warning lamps, side lamps, fog lamps according to the traffic safety standard, cable rack is optional.

8).best choice for outdoor power supply or emergency power supply.

9).mounted on the chassis of steel structure, and hydraulic pressure brakes, stationary brake and brake lights

10). max. possible movement speed 40 km/hr

11). 8 hour fuel tank, convenient fuel filling system, the fuel filling cap is lockable, fuel level gauge is optional

12). Trailer departure angle is more than 30 degree

13). Anti-vibration type: rubber torsion bar

14). 30kva (include 30kva and below 30kva), tonnage is 1.8T, 30-42kva is 2T, 42-60kva is 2.5T, 60-130kva is 3T.


Features of soundproof and weather canopy:

1, environment-friendly, affordable price
2, The whole diesel generator set with modularized design, compact structure, small size and novel appearance
3, Outside canopy made of galvanized steel, zinc phosphate and polyester powder coating with superior corrosion resistance
4, High-efficient multiple intake and exhaust noise reduction, good ventilation and heat radiation proof, ensuring the whole generator set always work in a suitable environmental temperature
5, High-effective damping measure to keep the generator sets running balance.
6, Stainless steel or cast aluminum locks and hinges also seal the doors with EPDM piping materials.
7,Zink plated or stainless steel fasteners. Thick sheet treated by grit blasting
8,For safety, the circuit breaker is mounted close to the control panel. Meanwhile, emergency stop button is installed outside of the canopy, easily to be found
Control panel:
Chinese Smartgen brand HGM 6120U genset controller is default with auto-start function. HGM6310, HGM6320, DSE3110, DSE5110, DSE7110, DSE7210 and others are optional.
Intelligent LCD display, automatic control, Chinese and English operation interface.
High water temperature, low oil pressure, low speed and over load protection, many protections


Mobility, fast speed and reliable performance of generating electricity, especially suitable for long distance emergency power supply and any other outdoor applications. It is the optimum emergency power solutions for remote areas.