Yangdong diesel engines for genset

Yangdong diesel engine for generator set

Application : electricity generation

Engine model : YD380D, YD385D, YD480D, YD4KD, YND485D, YSD490D, Y490D, Y495D, Y4100D, Y4102D, Y4105D, Y4110D, Y4102ZLD, Y4105ZLD, YD4EZLD, Y4110ZLD, YD480DE, YND485DE, YND490DE

Engine speed : 1500rpm or 1800rpm

Engine speed governor : mechanical type or electronical type

Cooling way : water cooled

Country of origin : China

Manufacturer : Yangdong Co., Ltd.

Production time : within 20 days

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) : 1 set

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Yangdong diesel engine for genset

We professionally export Yangdong diesel engines for our customers all over the world. We know you are needing to buy a Yangdong diesel engine applied on generator set for electricity generation. So, please send your enquiriy to [email protected], we will contact you within 24 hours.

~~ Main introductions about Yangdong Engine Co., Ltd. ~~

Yangdong.Co., Ltd is the largest production base that manufactures small bore and multi cylinders diesel engines. It is a national high-tech enterprise. The production has such excellence as following: the variety is satisfied, the performance is outstanding and the emission capability is well. Also, the production has been certificated by the ISO9001 and TS16949 quality system. There are over 2,330 workers in Yangdong Company at present, among which, the number of professional technical staff is about 340 and the number of the advanced title engineers is 50. The research center of small bore and multi cylinders diesel engines has been founded with self-designing and self-developing capability. In recent years, our company has developed more than 10 new types of diesel engines that are in demand. At present, we have 14 series, including bore of 75, 80, 85, 90, 100, 102, 105 and 108 (mm), and more than 500 types of multi cylinders diesel engines. All of them are the idea power for light cars, farming vehicles, combined croppers, engineering machines, generator sets and water pumps. For being compliant with the requirement of the environment protection, the technology of pressure-gained with normal cold temperature applied to the small-power diesel engines is popularized in force to make the emission index measure up the EuroⅡand Euro Ⅲ Emission Control Regulations. Nowadays some of our production has passed the certification of EPA in U.S.

~~ Main Features about Chinese Yangdong diesel engines ~~

Yangdong series engine for electricity generation
Main features:
1). product scope: contains 80, 85, 90, 100, 102, (5 categories) total 25 kinds of basic models to been chose.
2). application: less than or equal to 50KW diesel generator set
3). advanced technology : YITUO Group and several world-renowned researching institutions join together to design Yangdong diesel engines, absorbed in advanced technology at home and abroad. Using CAD/UG 3D technology and CAE analysis technology, Yangdong diesel engines adopt new stiffness designs for the main parts of the engine body, cylinder head etc. By the perfect combination of world-class airway simulation technology and top combustion theory, Yangdong diesel engines improve helical air inlet, using direct injection combustion chamber, assembled with famous brand turbocharger. Besides, Yangdong diesel engines can reduce fuel consumption; improve emission, easy to be started at low temperature. The series diesel engines have characteristics of small volume, light weight, good reliability, advanced performance index etc.
4). Fuel: low fuel consumption rate, low oil consumption rate, low rate of speed stability, When bench testing, fuel consumption ratio is less than 0.2%, at the advanced level in the industry of small diesel engine.
5). Comfort: small vibration, low noise
6). reliable: improved cooling system of engine, reduce the thermal load, through 720 hours of intensive experiment and 2000 hours endurance testing, detachable cylinder, easy maintenance.
7). Environmental protection: to meet the emission requirements of non-road use diesel engine, some Yangdong diesel engines reach emission standards of many countries, such as the United States EPA, the European Union E-Mark, India CPCB etc.
8). Certification: YD385ZLD, YD480ZLD, YND485ZLD, YSD490ZLD has already been certified by EPA (IV).

~~ Technical parameters about Chinese Yangdong diesel engines ~~

  • engine type : vertical, water cooling, four stroke
  • combustion chamber type : direct injector
  • compression ratio : 18
  • cooling method : forced watercooling
  • starting method : electric starting by battery
[email protected], [email protected] Chinese Yangdong diesel engines For Electricity Generation made in China
Diesel Engine ModelRated Output (KW)Cylinder No.BoreStrokeFuel ConsumptionDisplace


Air Intake WayFiring orderFlywheel SizeBell housing size


38090260 g/kw.h1.357 Lnatural aspirated1-3-2SAE 7.5″SAE 4#


38590255 g/kw.h1.532 Lnatural aspirated1-3-2SAE 7.5″SAE 4#


48090250.5 g/kw.h1.809 Lnatural aspirated1-3-2SAE 7.5″SAE 4#


48595247 g/kw.h2.156 Lnatural aspirated1-3-4-2SAE 7.5″SAE 4#


490100247.5 g/kw.h2.54 Lnatural aspirated1-3-4-2SAE 7.5″SAE 4#


490105247.5 g/kw.h2.67 Lnatural aspirated1-3-4-2SAE 7.5″SAE 4#


495105242 g/kw.h2.977 Lnatural aspirated1-3-4-2SAE 7.5″SAE 4#


4100118237 g/kw.h3.707 Lnatural aspirated1-3-4-2SAE 10″ or SAE 11.5″SAE 3#


4102118235 g/kw.h3.857 Lnatural aspirated1-3-4-2SAE 10″ or SAE 11.5″SAE 3#


4105118232 g/kw.h4.1 Lnatural aspirated1-3-4-2SAE 10″ or SAE 11.5″SAE 3#


4108118230 g/kw.h4.324 LTurbocharged with intercooler1-3-4-2SAE 10″ or SAE 11.5″SAE 3#


4102118225 g/kw.h3.857 LTurbocharged with intercooler1-3-4-2SAE 10″ or SAE 11.5″SAE 3#


4105118220 g/kw.h4.1 LTurbocharged with intercooler1-3-4-2SAE 10″ or SAE 11.5″SAE 3#


4105118218 g/kw.h4.1 LTurbocharged with intercooler1-3-4-2SAE 10″ or SAE 11.5″SAE 3#

~~ Overall dimensions about Chinese Yangdong diesel engines ~~

Diesel Engine ModelNet MassOverall Dimensions (mm)
Yangdong diesel engine YD380D165587474628
Yangdong diesel engine YD385D175587474615
Yangdong diesel engine YD480D195687494610
Yangdong diesel engine YND485D200820590638
Yangdong diesel engine YSD490D230716530670
Yangdong diesel engine Y490D240716530670
Yangdong diesel engine Y495D240716530670
Yangdong diesel engine Y4100D300892618718
Yangdong diesel engine Y4102D320892618740
Yangdong diesel engine Y4105D330892618740
Yangdong diesel engine Y4108D330892618740
Yangdong diesel engine Y4102ZLD340892618740
Yangdong diesel engine Y4105ZLD350892618740
Yangdong diesel engine YD4EZLD350892618740

40℃ radiator matachable for Yangdong diesel engine is standard configuration. When buying Chinese Yangdong diesel engine, most of our customers will often buy a 50℃ radiator matachable for their Yangdong diesel engine. Moreover, this 50℃ radiator (water tank) is made of 100% copper wires, not aluminum materials. We will ship Yangdong diesel engine with schematic diagram of wiring dimensions for installing Yangdong diesel engine in a right way by then.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s our MOQ?MOQ is one set only.
What’s our warranty time?One year or 12 months, started from B/L on-board day, whichever comes firstly.
What’s our production time?Within 20 days started from the deposit date
What’s our pack materials?Plastic membrance inside, standard export plywood case outside
What’s our port of loading?Shanghai port or Fuzhou port in China
What’s our price terms ?FCA, FOB, C&I or CIF USD
What’s our default payment terms?30% deposit bank TT before production, the balance 70% to be paid by bank TT before shipment, as default payment. Other payment is negotiable for the customers.