Foton diesel generator

Foton diesel generator set

Yangzhou Yongcai Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Yangzhou city, China. As a reliable supplier of diesel generator sets, diesel engines and generators, we professionally export diesel engines for genset, generators, industrial diesel generator sets for land use, marine diesel generator sets for ship use and the corresponding spare parts.

Inaugurated in 1996, FOTON Motor Group is widely recognized as a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles. As the proprietor of 3 engine brands and 10 automobile brands, the corporate giant maintains operation with assets in excess of $2.4 billion and over 28,000 employees worldwide. The group reports an annual turnover of more than $6 billion and is ranked first in the world with over 600,000 vehicles sold each year.

Foton diesel engines

Foton as a famous international brand, Foton diesel engines can be widely applied on the field of power generation. So we can produce 20kw to 30kw Foton diesel gensets of high quality available for the global customers. Foton Forward diesel engines’ models currently are  4JB1, 4JB1T, 4JB1TA, which are applied on electricity generation. If you are interested into Foton Forward diesel generator sets, please kindly check the technical parameters as follows.

All of our Foton diesel generator sets are in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE manufacturing standard.

  • Prime Power (PRP) : These rating are suitable for continuous operation in a variable load application in lieu of the main power network. There is no limitation to the annual hours of operation. A 10% overload is available for 1 hour in every 12 hours of operation.
  • Standby Power (ESP) : These rating are suitable for the supply of emergency power in a variable load application in the event of a main power network failure for a limited number of hours per year. No overload is available.
  • 60HZ rating is available, please contact [email protected] for further information.

Foton diesel generator sets

Genset Model50HZ Diesel GeneratorFOTON Diesel EngineBrushless GeneratorPacking Information — FOTON Diesel Generator
Standby Power (ESP)Prime Power (PRP)Engine BrandEngine Model50HZ 1500rpm 400/230V Brushless GeneratorOpen Type GensetSilent Type Genset
KVAKWKVAKWGenerator ModelRated PowerDimension (LxWxH) mmWeight (kg)Dimension (LxWxH) mmWeight (kg)
YCM20FO28222520FOTON4JB1Elecmama-184F22kw1600 x 720 x 9006002280 x 950 x 12801000
YCM24FO33263024FOTON4JB1TElecmama-184G25kw1600 x 720 x 9006402280 x 950 x 12801040
YCM30FO41333830FOTON4JB1TAElecmama-184H30kw1600 x 720 x 9007002280 x 950 x 12801100

Standard Supply Scope of Foton diesel generator set

Generally speaking, we have a standard supply scope for the buyers of diesel generator set. Please study the following items before you place your order to our company. If you have other requirements, please check our optional supply scope to find the items you are interested into buy.

  • 1500 rpm or 1800rpm genuine Foton diesel engine with 40℃ radiator made in China
  • 1500 rpm or 1800rpm 3 phase brushless generator made of 100% copper lines, brushless & self-excited, Insulation Class H class, Ingress Protection IP23, AVR (automatic voltage regulator) made in China
  • Smart control panel of genset, adopts genuine UK Deepsea DSE 6120, control module for genset with many protecting functions, emergency stop etc.
  • Base frame fuel tank for 8 working hour capacity
  • Chinese famous brand CHINT or Delixi or Tengen Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) with CE certificate
  • Chinese “Smartgen” brand battery charger, model “BAC06A”, battery isolator, batteries for electric start, copper lines for connecting batteries
  • Heavy duty steel-structure base frame with strong shock absorber pad to reduce the vibration between diesel engine, generator and base frame for genset
  • Industrial high-efficient silencer with exhaust elbow
  • The diesel engine is fitted with an extension pipe to drain the oil
  • The drain pipe and corresponding valve is fitted to the radiator for draining the water
  • Two forklift pockets for each side of generator set, very convenient for transporation
  • Oil drain pump by hand, simple operation, oil drain oil easily
  • Module settings of low oil level alarm, at the same time install the necessary oil level sensor
  • Grounding the protection of the essential measures, well done without a potential safety hazard
  • Standard accessories and tool kit from the engine factory & other necesary spare parts for genset to be shipped with diesel genset for the customer’s maintenance & replacement
  • Standard exporting plywood case for LCL shipment by sea

Except for the above physical items in the standard supply scope, we also supply some necessary files to our customers. Please go to check them as follows. If you lost them, we still have backup files in E-version for remedial measures.

  • Manual of Foton diesel engine in English version
  • Manual of AC generator (alternator) in English version
  • Manual of controlling module for genset in English version
  • Operation and maintenance manual of diesel generator in English version
  • Wiring diagram of Foton diesel generator set for the maintenance purposes

 Optional Supply Scope of Foton diesel generator set

  • The default speed governor of Foton diesel engine is mechanical type. But the electronic type speed governor for Foton diesel engine is optional
  • 50℃ radiator for Foton diesel engine is optional. Our 50℃ radiator is made of 100% copper materials, not aluminum materials. 60℃ radiator applied on Foton diesel engine is optional too, which is suitable for tropical areas and desert regions
  • Soundproof canopy for silent diesel generator set is optional
  • Automatic transfer switch (ATS) cabinet separated with genset is optional
  • Base frame fuel tank for 12 working hour capacity is optional
  • External fuel tank separated with genset is optional, Our fuel tank capacity can be 1000L, 1500L, 2000L, 3000L.
  • Water jacket heater installed on the generator set for winter usage is optional
  • ABB famous brand Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) with CE certificate is optional
  • Automatic refueling system is optional, mainly including “automatic fuel controller”, pre-installed automatic refueling pump and other necessary spare parts (sensor of fuel level etc.)
  • Standard genset is 3 phase genset, single phase diesel generator set is optional
  • single phase sockets are optional, three phase sockets are optional
  • Cloud monitoring system, account, configured modem are optional
  • residule current device (RCD) is optional
  • intelligent control system is optional, such as synchronization system, remote controlling system in wireless way or wire way

Foton diesel engines

Technical specifications of Foton diesel engines

FOTON®Genset Engine

FOTON® 4JB1 series diesel engine combining ISUZU® technology offers an ideal power solution for diesel generator sets.  It features high reliability and compact structure design, and is competitively priced.

1. The crankshaft forged by alloy steel offers lifespan three times longer than that of common cast iron ones.
2. The cooling water tank supports working in max. ambient temperature of 50℃. This makes sure the product has good environmental adaptability and can work well in tropical and subtropical areas with high temperatures and low humidity.
3. The supercharger adopts the cooling and lubricating functions integrated design, which ensures the overall performance reliability.
4. The overhaul life is more than 10,000 hours.

High economical efficiency
1. With 93mm cylinder diameter, low displacement, and high compression ratio, FOTON® genset engine offers the minimum specific fuel consumption of 210g/kW.h.
2. The integral casting technology for oil pump cavity allows the pump to attain higher pressure, thus delivering better fuel oil atomization effect.

1. The weight difference among the 4 piston rods is no more than 8g, which ensures smoother machine running and lower noise.
2. The crankshaft and flywheel undergo dynamic balance tests to make sure the unbalanced force is lower than 30g.m. This ensures more stable running, and the operation noise is not higher than 92dB(A) within one meter.
3. The gap between the piston and the cylinder liner is controlled within 0.027 to 0.045mm, so as to reduce the impact to the cylinder liner while the piston is reversing. This maximally reduces mechanical noise during operation.
4. The oil sump for FOTON® genset engine is constructed using sound absorption material sandwiched between two steel plates. Thus, the mechanical noise inside the cylinder is largely reduced.
5. The die-casting aluminum material for the timing gear case cover and valve cover further reduces mechanical noise.

GAC Governor 
1. The GAC speed control unit offers outstanding reliability due to its innovative digital system.
2. The superior steady and transient state speed governing rate enables the machine to serve high-end telecommunication projects.
3. The speed governor is easy for operation, due to its integrated actuator, as well as built-in control system and wire harness.
4. Switchable speeds make the engine suitable for various applications.
5. Enjoying matured international service network, the GAC governor is convenient for maintenance.

Foton Forward diesel engine 4JB1 4JB1T 4JB1TA for genset

Foton Forward diesel engine 4JB1 4JB1T 4JB1TA for genset

Technical Specifications

Speed – rpm15001800
Rated power – kW242836283443
Maximum power – kW273240323848
Fuel consumption – g/kW.h≤230≤225≤225≤230≤225≤225
Net weight – kg225241241225241241
Dimension – mm855x667x795855x590x799885x590x799855x667x795855x590x799885x590x799
Cylinder Bore x Stroke – mm93×102
Displacement – L2.771
Max. ambient temperature50℃
Speed governing rate – GAC≤1%≤1%≤1%≤1%≤1%≤1%
Flywheel housingSAE 4SAE 4SAE 3SAE 4SAE 4SAE 3
Configurationin-line 4 cylinder, direct injection, water cooled
Rotation of crankshaftCounter-clockwise – viewed from flywheel side

Standard Configuration

  • 12V electric system
  • Cooling fan
  • Fuel filter, air filter, and oil filter
  • Cold start aid device
  • Qualification certificate, handbook and parts manual
  • Radiator – fan guard and front guard included
  • Oil pressure and water temperature alarm and sensor unit (2 in 1) in accordance with VDO parameter curve

4JB1 Foton Forward diesel engine 4JB1 Foton Forward diesel engine 4JB1 Foton Forward diesel engine

Technical specifications of Elecmama brand brushless generator

Everyone can know synchronous brushless generator is often applied on power generating equipment. Yet despite all that, choosing the brand of the generator and the type of generator continues to be a challenge for our customers. As a trustworthy supplier and professinal exporter of diesel generator set, our company can make this thing to be easier for you.

1). WHAT IS BRUSHLESS GENERATOR TYPE :  synchronous generator includes brushless generator and generator with carbon brush. If generator adopts carbon brush, you have to replace carbon brush after running for some period of time, very inconvenient. So, we only supply and export synchronous brushless generator without carbon brush.

2). HOW TO CHOOSE GENERATOR MODEL : Firstly, you have to judge if you generator is single phase generator or 3 phase generator. Secondly, you need to know the prime power output of your generator is how many kw numbers? Thirdly, you must have a look at the voltage of your generator and frequency of your generator. Our default is below.

  • 50HZ for 400/230V, 3 phase synchronous brushless generator, power factor = 0.8 lagging
  • 60HZ for 440/254V, 3 phase synchronous brushless generator, power factor = 0.8 lagging
  • 50Hz for 220~240V, single phase synchronous brushless generator, power factor = 1 lagging
  • 60Hz for 220~240V, single phase synchronous brushless generator, power factor = 1 lagging
Generator Model3 Phase 50Hz 400/230V PF=0.83 Phase 60Hz 440/254V PF=0.8Generator Packing Information
Prime Power 40℃Standby Power 40℃Prime Power 40℃Standby Power 40℃Net WeightGross WeightLength x Width x Height
Elecmama-164A6. kgs95 kgs53 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-164B8.811.09.712.111.013.812.115.190 kgs102 kgs53 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-164C10.813.511.914.913.516.914.918.696 kgs110 kgs53 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-164D12.816.014.117.616.020.017.622.099 kgs116 kgs53 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-184E18.022.519.824.823.028.825.331.6120 kgs133 kgs58 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-184F22.027.524.230.327.534.430.337.8150 kgs156 kgs67 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-184G25.031.327.534.430.037.533.041.3156 kgs172 kgs67 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-184H30.037.533.041.337.546.941.351.6216 kgs226 kgs74 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-184J32. kgs236 kgs74 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-224C34.042.537.446.842.052.546.257.8235 kgs255 kgs82 x 55 x 81 cm
Elecmama-224D40. kgs270 kgs82 x 55 x 81 cm
Elecmama-224E48.060.052.866. kgs290 kgs91 x 55 x 81 cm
Elecmama-224F58.072.563.879.870.087.577.096.3310 kgs330 kgs91 x 55 x 81 cm
Elecmama-224G68.085.074.893.578.097.585.8107.3350 kgs370 kgs96 x 55 x 81 cm
Elecmama-274C80.0100.088.0110.094.0117.5103.4129.3385 kgs415 kgs91 x 65 x 87 cm
Elecmama-274D96.0120.0105.6132.0110.0137.5121.0151.3405 kgs435 kgs91 x 65 x 87 cm
Elecmama-274E112.0140.0123.2154.0134.0167.5147.4184.3455 kgs485 kgs100 x 65 x 87 cm
Elecmama-274F128.0160.0140.8176.0152.0190.0167.2209.0500 kgs530 kgs100 x 65 x 87 cm
Elecmama-274G145.6182.0160.2200.2174.8218.5192.3240.4550 kgs580 kgs105 x 65 x 87 cm
Elecmama-274H160.0200.0176.0220.0196.0245.0215.6269.5600 kgs630 kgs110 x 65 x 87 cm
Elecmama-274J184.0230.0202.4253.0224.8281.0247.3309.1720 kgs760 kgs115 x 70 x 90 cm
Elecmama-274K200.0250.0220.0275.0239.2299.0263.1328.9720 kgs760 kgs115 x 70 x 90 cm
Elecmama-444C200.0250.0220.0275.0240.0300.0264.0330.0850.5 kgs910 kgs130 x 77 x 99 cm
Elecmama-444D240.0300.0264.0330.0288.0360.0316.8396.0915.5 kgs975 kgs130 x 77 x 99 cm
Elecmama-444ES260.0325.0286.0357.5315.2394.0346.7433.4995.5 kgs1055 kgs130 x 77 x 99 cm
Elecmama-444E280.0350.0308.0385.0336.0420.0369.6462.0995.5 kgs1055 kgs130 x 77 x 99 cm
Elecmama-444FS304.0380.0334.4418.0365.0456.3401.5501.91123.5 kgs1183 kgs139 x 77 x 99 cm
Elecmama-444F320.0400.0352.0440.0384.0480.0422.4528.01123.5 kgs1183 kgs139 x 77 x 99 cm
Elecmama-544C364.0455.0400.4500.5440.0550.0484.0605.01250 kgs1350 kgs146 x 84 x 100 cm
Elecmama-544D400.0500.0440.0550.0475.2594.0522.7653.41358 kgs1450 kgs146 x 84 x 100 cm
Elecmama-544E480.0600.0528.0660.0570.4713.0627.4784.31498 kgs1598 kgs146 x 84 x 100 cm
Elecmama-544FS500.0625.0550.0687.5580.0725.0638.0797.51653 kgs1753 kgs154 x 84 x 100 cm
Elecmama-544F536.0670.0589.6737.0620.0775.0682.0852.51653 kgs1753 kgs154 x 84 x 100 cm
Elecmama-634B600.0750.0660.0825.0684.0855.0752.4940.51950 kgs2020 kgs168 x 95 x 130 cm
Elecmama-634C640.0800.0704.0880.0733.0916.3806.31007.91970 kgs2040 kgs168 x 95 x 130 cm
Elecmama-634D728.0910.0800.81001.0834.01042.5917.41146.82030 kgs2100 kgs168 x 95 x 130 cm
Elecmama-634E800.01000.0880.01100.0916.01145.01007.61259.52190 kgs2260 kgs168 x 95 x 130 cm
Elecmama-634F904.01130.0994.41243.01019.01273.81120.91401.12420 kgs2490 kgs168 x 95 x 130 cm
Elecmama-634G1000.01250.01100.01375.01109.01386.31219.91524.92750 kgs2820 kgs178 x 95 x 130 cm
Generator ModelSingle Phase 50Hz 220~240V PF=1Single Phase 60Hz 220~240V PF=1Generator Packing Information
Prime Power 40℃Standby Power 40℃Prime Power 40℃Standby Power 40℃Net WeightGross WeightLength x Width x Height
Elecmama-164A4. kgs95 kgs53 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-164B5. kgs102 kgs53 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-164C7. kgs110 kgs53 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-164D8.610.89.511.810.813.511.914.999 kgs116 kgs53 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-184E12. kgs133 kgs58 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-184F14.818.516.320.417.521.919.324.1150 kgs156 kgs67 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-184G16.821.018.523. kgs172 kgs67 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-184H20. kgs226 kgs74 x 55 x 59 cm
Elecmama-184J22.428.024.630.828.035.030.838.5226 kgs236 kgs74 x 55 x 59 cm

~~ Reference Picture for Each Series Elecmama Brand Generators  ~~

brushless generator

~~ Guarantee Clause for Elecmama Brand Generators  ~~

Our generators have 7 series in total, including Elecmama-164 series, Elecmama-184 series, Elecmama-224 series, Elecmama-274 series, Elecmama-444 series, Elecmama-544 series, Elecmama-634 series. These generators are made of 100% high-class copper lines without any aluminium materials, which will be produced after we receive the customer’s payment. Generally speaking, our production time for Elecmama brand brushless generators are 20 days. During these 20 days, our factory strictly implements standard production & strict commissioning to make sure of final quality assurance.

Our generators are produced in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality management system requirement, in line with International standard IEC34-1 and domestic standard GB755 etc. So we can be fully confident of a long warranty time for our dear customers, 12 months or 1000 running hours (whichever comes firstly), calculated by B/L date. In gurantee period, we will be fully responsible for quality problem, and offer free service. In the case of faulty products, we shall eliminate the errors in 24 hour, and propose solution. Even if the damage is caused by customer’s misoperation, beyond our guarantee range, we still will provide necessary assistances in order to solve the problem for our customer.

~~  Spare parts for Elecmama Brand Generators  ~~

As we all know, the Elecmama brushless generator has few breakdowns within the warranty time. Even if broke down after the warranty time, most situation is the malfunction from AVR (automatic voltage regulator). Just buy a new AVR to replace the old one. In this case, if you finds that your generator is still out of work, we often feel it is time for you to buy a new generator at this very moment.

~~  Catalogue for Elecmama Brand Generators  ~~

Please send your mail to [email protected] firstly. We will send the catalogue of our Elecmama brand brushless generators to your email address later.

Spare parts of Foton diesel generator

After you buy diesel generator from our company, sooner or later you will replace spare parts for genset maintenance someday in the future. Here we can tell you main spare parts in advance. The spare parts of our Foton diesel generators mainly include spare parts of Foton diesel engine, spare parts of generator, spare parts of Foton diesel genset.

1).  spare parts of Foton diesel engine

air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, water pump, engine alternator, electric starter motor for engine, V-belt for water tank (radiator), cylinder head gasket, engine overhaul gaskets kit, lube oil pump, injector, tube nozzle, injection pump, piston, piston rings, cylinder lines, connecting rod, connecting rod bearings, crankshaft, crankshaft main bearings, main crankshaft front seal, main crankshaft rear seal, oil pressure sensor, camshaft etc.

2).  spare parts of generator

automatic voltage regulator = AVR, Automatic Voltage Regulator is a quick-wear part. During the warrany time, AVR won’t break down. After warranty, if AVR is out of work. Just buy a new AVR to replace the old AVR. If the customer find the other part of generator, such as main stator bar assy, main rotor assy, exciter, bearing kit, main terminal board etc. these parts inside of generator body become failure. At this time, this generator is not worthy of being repaired, buy a new generator to replace the old generator. Generally speaking, the main problem of generator is AVR. We don’t suggest the customer to dismantle the whole generator. For the AVR, it is easy to be found. What the customer need to do is to open the lid of generator and then take the old AVR out, install new AVR over there.

3).  spare parts of Foton diesel genset

automatic transfer switch, battery charger, battery isolator, battery for genset, controlling module of genset, engine oil drain pump, water jacket heater, single phase sockets, three phase sockets, external fuel tank, automatic refueling pump, fuel level sensors, oil drain pipe, oil outlet valve, shock absorber pad, rainproof exhaust cover (rainhat), water tank lid, safety fuse, safety fuse basement, starting relays, emergency stop button, power lock with 2 keys, stainless steel locks and stainless hinges, yellow color plastic spraying powder, residule current device (RCD), current tnasformers, air breaker etc.

Forward diesel engine

At this very moment, if you decide to buy Foton forward diesel generator will you have a lot of questions in minds ? Don’t worry about this. Just send your enquiry to [email protected] or directly add Whatsapp +86 189-3624-2835. You can get all of answers. In your enquiry, we need the following information to prepare an exact quotation for you.

  • 50hz Foton diesel genset or 60hz Foton diesel genset
  • your Foton diesel genset is 3 phase genset or single phase genset ?
  • What is voltage of your Foton diesel generating set ?
  • If our default Elecmama brushless generator is not acceptable, do you need Stamford generator or other brand generator ?
  • What is the rated power (KW) of genset or the rated power (KVA) of genset   ⇒ 1kw=1.25kva
  • diesel genset model, for example “YCM20FO”, if you can confirm our genset model, pls tell us the genset model.
  • purchasing quantity, 1 set or more sets
  • open type, silent type, trailer type or other type diesel generator set
  • Do you need ATS cabinet for your diesel genset ?
  • other requirements you need to add

You see, importing a Foton diesel generator from China is not an easy job involved into many things and details. We feel that the professional thing can be well done by professional company. The original will of our company is to sacrifice all of our industrial experiece for electric power demand from global customers. In fact, all the time our work is always to help the buyer reduce the procurement risk and procurement cost. We are willing to do more during the mutual cooperation between our customers and us. Only our customer’s workload goes down, they will have a more relaxed mood to enjoy life with a doubt. This is the goal of our hard work. — Yangzhou Yongcai Machinery Co., ltd.

Choose us for the professional service. We will offer you the most professional and the best service. Yangzhou Yongcai Machinery Co., Ltd. can be your supplier. You can be our friend.

Through our hard work year after year, plenty of overseas customers from many countries and regions outside of China have been well serviced by us already. They are either distributors or end users, mainly from island countries or coastal states.
√  Oceania:Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, The Kingdom of Tonga, Solomon Islands
√  Asia:Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar
√  Europe:France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom (UK), Monaco, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Ukraine
√  Africa:South Africa, Congo, Mozambique, Kenya
√  Middle America:Bahamas, Barbados, Costa Rica, Cuba, Haidi, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Neterlands Antilles
√  South America:Argentina, Chile, Peru
elecmama brand diesel generator sets made in China

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