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Who We Are ?

Yangzhou Yongcai Machinery Co., Ltd. professionally exports various industrial diesel generator sets for land use, marine diesel generator sets for ship use, diesel engines, generators (alternators), related accessories & spare parts. We are a powerful dealer and a trustworthy exporter from China.

Why Choose Us ?

We have already well serviced lots of customers all over the world, who are either distributors or end users, mainly from island countries or coastal states. Our customers cooperate with us mainly because of these 4 points, i.e., quality assurance, product design, attractive price & intimate service.

What is Elecmama ?

Elec = Electrical, mama = mother, So Elecmama = Electrical mother. The mother of electricity can be compared to generator set. We have already chose Elecmama as our brand name and we will unremitting diligently make enterprise image and perfect quality of service, smooth lead brand service.