Quanchai QC490D water pump

Quanchai QC490D diesel engine water pump

Part brand : Quanchai

Part name : water pump

Part number : 2409001810000

Application : Quanchai QC490D diesel engine for genset

Manufacturer:Anhui Quanchai Engine Co., Ltd.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) : 1 piece

Country of origin : China

Packing material : strong carton

Gross weight : 3.5 kg

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Quanchai QC490D water pump made in China

Quanchai QC490D Water Pump
Part Number is 2409001810000

We sell genuine water pump 2409001810000 for our customers all over the world.
Water pump’s manufacturer:Anhui Quanchai Engine Co., Ltd.

Kindly remind you that Quanchai QC490D diesel engine is applied to diesel generator set, just for electricity generation. This water pump is a spare part of QC490D diesel engine made in China.

Our Quanchai QC490D Water Pump can have the corresponding gasket for your water pump installation.

Packing material is original Quanchai carton. After this QC490D water pump packed well, the final weight will be 3.5 kg

Shipping way by international express, such as Fedex, UPS, TNT, DHL etc.

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Quanchai QC490D water pump

Quanchai QC490D water pump

Quanchai QC490D water pump

Quanchai QC490D water pump

Quanchai QC490D water pump

QC490D water pump 2409001810000

Quanchai QC490D water pump 2409001810000

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