Weichai diesel generators

three phase Weichai diesel generators for power generation

Application commerical premises (commercial Infrastructure), farm, mining, factory, construction building, public works for utilities, outdoor event, hospital, military, telecommunications and data centre etc.

Genset frequency : 50HZ & 60HZ

Phase number : 3 Phase

Default voltage : 400/230V for 50HZ, 440/254V for 60HZ, other voltage can be available for our customers all over the world

Power output : 15kw to 1000kw

Power factor : 0.8 lagging

Country of origina : China

Quality certificate : ISO9001 : 2008, ISO14001 & CE

Guarantee period : 12 months started from on-board day of B/L

Production time : 25-30 days after we receive customer’s payment

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) : 1 set

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Weichai diesel generator


Genset Model50HZ Diesel Generator 50HZ 1500rpm Water-cooled Weichai Diesel Engine Made In ChinaBrushless Generator
Standby Power (ESP)Prime Power (PRP)Engine BrandEngine ModelPower Output (KW)Fuel Consumption (g/kw.h)50HZ 1500rpm 400/230V Brushless Generator
KVAKWKVAKWGenerator ModelRated Power

Weichai Holding Group Co., Ltd. in China

Founded in 1946, Weichai has over 80,000 employees worldwide. With the annual revenue of more than 230 billion RMB in 2018, Weichai ranks the 87th among China’s top 500 enterprises, the 27th among China’s top 500 manufacturing enterprises, and the 2nd among China’s machinery industry top 100 enterprises.

Weichai is a multi-field and multi-industry international group which owns six business segments of powertrain, intelligent logistics, commercial vehicle, construction machinery, luxury yacht, and finance & after-services. Weichai Group has four listing companies which have five stocks: Weichai Power (2338HK, 000338SZ), Weichai Heavy Machinery (000880SZ), Asiastar Bus (600213SH) and KION Group (DE000KGX8881). The subsidiaries of Weichai Group spread all over Europe, North America, Asia, and other regions, and its products are exported to more than 110 countries and regions.

Weichai pays high attention to science and technology innovation, it owns State Key Laboratory of Engine Reliability, National Engineering Technology Research Center for Commercial Vehicle’s Powertrain, National Innovation Strategic Alliance for New Energy Power System Industry of Commercial Vehicles, National Professional Makers’ Space and other state-level R&D platforms. It has established “Academician Workstation”, “Post-doctoral Workstation” and other research bases, as well as State Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Base. It has also built R&D centers in Weifang, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chongqing, Yangzhou, etc., established cutting-edge technology innovation centers in US, Germany, and Japan, and set up global collaborative R&D platform to make sure that the technology stays at global leading level.

Weichai adheres to the international development strategy and has created a synergistic industrial layout around the world. In 2005, Weichai Power purchased Torch Group and built a golden industry chain for heavy trucks (Weichai engine + Fast transmission + Hande axle + Shacman heavy truck). Afterwards, through stock-for-stock with Torch Group, Weichai returned to mainland stock market from Hong Kong, which created a “Weichai model” in capital market. Since 2009, Weichai has successively acquired Baudouin, a French engine company with a history of 100 years; strategically reorganized Ferretti Group, a luxury Italy yacht manufacturer; and strategically cooperated with KION Group, a German industrial forklift and service provider; acquired Linde Hydraulics and realized localization; supported KION Group to acquire Dematic, an automatic logistics provider; strategically invested in PSI, an alternative fuel power system provider, UK Sirius Power Holdings Co., Ltd, a solid oxide fuel cell supplier, and Canada Ballard Power Systems Co., Ltd, a hydrogen fuel cell supplier, to realize global business presence and balanced development. At the same time, through technology exportation and production cooperation, Weichai has established production bases in India and other places to achieve localized manufacturing.

During the rapid development, Weichai has always fulfilled its social responsibility by actively participating in social welfare activities and charity. It contributed to volunteer service, poverty alleviation, disaster relief, and education donation. Weichai actively advocated energy conservation, emission reduction, and green production, vigorously promoted technology upgrading, cooperated with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to realize mutual benefit and win-win, and shared development results with the society.

Weichai’s rapid development has received high affirmation from the society, and it has successively won “National Civilized Units”, “National Advanced Grass-root Party Organization”, “Typical Enterprise of Independent Innovation”, “National Innovation Enterprise”, “China Quality Award”, “China Trademark Gold Award • Trademark Innovation Award”, “China Industrial Award”, “National Demonstration Base of Enterprise Culture “, “National Quality Award” and other honorary titles. Weichai Power’s project “Key Technologies and Applications of Heavy-duty Commercial Vehicle Powertrain” has won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2018.

Weichai takes “Green Power, International Weichai” as its mission, takes “customers’ maximum satisfaction” as its aim, and has formed unique enterprise culture. For the future, Weichai launched its 2020-2030 strategy: by 2020, traditional business will surpass world-class level. By 2030, new energy business will lead the global industry development. By 2025, the revenue will reach 100 billion dollars, and will reach 1 trillion RMB by 2030. Take a lead in becoming a terascale enterprise, and become a respectable world top 500 international enterprise with continuously rising competitiveness.

Packing Information -- Open Type Weichai diesel generators for land use

Genset Model50HZ Diesel Generator 50HZ Weichai Diesel EngineCopy Stamford GeneratorPacking Information
Standby Power (ESP)Prime Power (PRP)Engine BrandEngine Model50HZ 1500rpm 400/230V Brushless GeneratorOpen Type Genset
KVAKWKVAKWGenerator ModelRated PowerDimension (LxWxH) mmWeight (kg)
YCM15WC21171915WeichaiWP2.1D18E2Elecmama-184E18kw1500 x 850 x 1250587
YCM18WC25202318WeichaiWP2.3D25E200Elecmama-184E18kw1650 x 850 x 1300600
YCM20WC28222520WeichaiWP2.3D25E200Elecmama-184F22kw1650 x 850 x 1300625
YCM24WC33263024WeichaiWP2.3D33E200Elecmama-184G25kw1650 x 850 x 1300631
YCM30WC41333830WeichaiWP2.3D40E200Elecmama-184H30kw1720 x 850 x 1300683
YCM40WC55445040WeichaiWP4.1D66E200Elecmama-224D40kw2060 x 1030 x 15501050
YCM40WC55445040WeichaiWP4D66E200Elecmama-224D40kw2050 x 1080 x 16651161
YCM50WC69556350WeichaiWP4.1D66E200Elecmama-224E48kw2060 x 1030 x 15501070
YCM50WC69556350WeichaiWP4D66E200Elecmama-224E48kw2050 x 1080 x 16651191
YCM64WC88708064WeichaiWP4.1D80E200Elecmama-224G68kw2060 x 1030 x 15501150
YCM64WC88708064WeichaiWP4D100E200Elecmama-224G68kw2220 x 1050 x 16651337
YCM80WC1108810080WeichaiWP4.1D100E210Elecmama-274C80kw2060 x 1030 x 15501185
YCM80WC1108810080WeichaiWP4D100E200Elecmama-274C80kw2220 x 1050 x 16651372
YCM90WC1249911390WeichaiWP6D132E200Elecmama-274D96kw2575 x 1050 x 17751658
YCM100WC138110125100WeichaiWP6D132E200Elecmama-274D96kw2575 x 1050 x 17751663
YCM120WC165132150120WeichaiWP6D152E200Elecmama-274F128kw2575 x 1050 x 17751718
YCM150WC206165188150WeichaiWP10D200E200Elecmama-274G145.6kw3010 x 1340 x 20602340
YCM180WC248198225180WeichaiWP10D238E200Elecmama-274J184kw3010 x 1340 x 20602460
YCM200WC275220250200WeichaiWP10D264E200Elecmama-274K200kw3010 x 1340 x 20602480
YCM250WC344275313250WeichaiWP10D320E200Elecmama-444ES260kw3130 x 1400 x 20202680
YCM300WC413330375300WeichaiWP13D385E200Elecmama-444FS304kw3240 x 1410 x 21003100
YCM320WC440352400320WeichaiWP13D405E200Elecmama-444F320kw3240 x 1410 x 21003125
YCM360WC495396450360Weichai6M26D447E200Elecmama-544C364kw4350 x 1600 x 25004542
YCM400WC550440500400Weichai6M26D484E200Elecmama-544D400kw4350 x 1600 x 25004850
YCM460WC633506575460Weichai6M33D572E200Elecmama-544E480kw4350 x 1700 x 25005313
YCM500WC688550625500Weichai6M33D605E200Elecmama-544FS500kw4350 x 1700 x 25005369
YCM600WC825660750600Weichai12M26D748E200Elecmama-634B600kw5020 x 2090 x 27007487
YCM640WC880704800640Weichai12M26D792E200Elecmama-634C640kw5020 x 2090 x 27007487
YCM720WC990792900720Weichai12M26D902E200Elecmama-634D728kw5020 x 2090 x 27007868
YCM800WC11008801000800Weichai12M26D968E200Elecmama-634E800kw5020 x 2090 x 27007948
YCM900WC12389901125900Weichai12M33D1108E200Elecmama-634F904kw5500 x 2295 x 29008475
YCM1000WC1375110012501000Weichai12M33D1210E200Elecmama-634G1000kw5500 x 2295 x 29008785

Packing Information -- Silent Type Weichai diesel generators for land use

Genset Model50HZ Diesel Generator 50HZ Weichai Diesel EngineCopy Stamford GeneratorPacking Information
Standby Power (ESP)Prime Power (PRP)Engine BrandEngine Model50HZ 1500rpm 400/230V Brushless GeneratorSilent Type Genset
KVAKWKVAKWGenerator ModelRated PowerDimension (LxWxH) mmWeight (kg)
YCM15WC21171915WeichaiWP2.1D18E2Elecmama-184E18kw 2100 x 1100 x 1550830
YCM18WC25202318WeichaiWP2.3D25E200Elecmama-184E18kw 2100 x 1100 x 1550840
YCM20WC28222520WeichaiWP2.3D25E200Elecmama-184F22kw 2100 x 1100 x 1550848
YCM24WC33263024WeichaiWP2.3D33E200Elecmama-184G25kw 2100 x 1100 x 1550853
YCM30WC41333830WeichaiWP2.3D40E200Elecmama-184H30kw 2100 x 1100 x 1550897
YCM40WC55445040WeichaiWP4.1D66E200Elecmama-224D40kw2700 X 1200 X 18501390
YCM40WC55445040WeichaiWP4D66E200Elecmama-224D40kw2600 X 1050 X 17801485
YCM50WC69556350WeichaiWP4.1D66E200Elecmama-224E48kw2700 X 1200 X 18501410
YCM50WC69556350WeichaiWP4D66E200Elecmama-224E48kw2600 X 1050 X 17801535
YCM64WC88708064WeichaiWP4.1D80E200Elecmama-224G68kw2700 X 1200 X 18501450
YCM64WC88708064WeichaiWP4D100E200Elecmama-224G68kw2800 x 1050 x 17801670
YCM80WC1108810080WeichaiWP4.1D100E210Elecmama-274C80kw2800 x 1200 x 18501525
YCM80WC1108810080WeichaiWP4D100E200Elecmama-274C80kw2800 x 1050 x 17801705
YCM90WC1249911390WeichaiWP6D132E200Elecmama-274D96kw3200 x 1100 x 19332100
YCM100WC138110125100WeichaiWP6D132E200Elecmama-274D96kw3200 x 1100 x 19332150
YCM120WC165132150120WeichaiWP6D152E200Elecmama-274F128kw3200 x 1100 x 19332190
YCM150WC206165188150WeichaiWP10D200E200Elecmama-274G145.6kw3900 x 1320 x 24003200
YCM180WC248198225180WeichaiWP10D238E200Elecmama-274J184kw3900 x 1320 x 24003230
YCM200WC275220250200WeichaiWP10D264E200Elecmama-274K200kw3900 x 1320 x 24003280
YCM250WC344275313250WeichaiWP10D320E200Elecmama-444ES260kw4200 x 1350 x 24003400
YCM300WC413330375300WeichaiWP13D385E200Elecmama-444FS304kw4400 x 1300 x 24703850
YCM320WC440352400320WeichaiWP13D405E200Elecmama-444F320kw4400 x 1300 x 24703890
YCM360WC495396450360Weichai6M26D447E200Elecmama-544C364kw4500 x 1700 x 24006900
YCM400WC550440500400Weichai6M26D484E200Elecmama-544D400kw4500 x 1700 x 24006900
YCM460WC633506575460Weichai6M33D572E200Elecmama-544E480kw5200 x 1850 x 25006950
YCM500WC688550625500Weichai6M33D605E200Elecmama-544FS500kw5200 x 1850 x 25006950
YCM600WC825660750600Weichai12M26D748E200Elecmama-634B600kw6058 x 2438 x 315110500
YCM640WC880704800640Weichai12M26D792E200Elecmama-634C640kw6058 x 2438 x 315110500
YCM720WC990792900720Weichai12M26D902E200Elecmama-634D728kw6058 x 2438 x 315110940
YCM800WC11008801000800Weichai12M26D968E200Elecmama-634E800kw6058 x 2438 x 315110940
YCM900WC12389901125900Weichai12M33D1108E200Elecmama-634F904kw6058 x 2438 x 315111400
YCM1000WC1375110012501000Weichai12M33D1210E200Elecmama-634G1000kw6058 x 2438 x 315111700