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What is an automatic transfer switch? A transfer switch is a panel that is wired into the premises electrical distribution system to allow a generator to be used. It detects a loss in power for the mains and initiates the generator to start up and provide power. It then waits until the power from the mains returns to normal. It then puts your premises back onto mains power and signals the generator to cool down and return to standby mode. So you will easily to find that an auto transfer switch (ATS) is often installed where a backup generator is located. Through this, the generator set can provide temporary electrical power if the utility source fails.

Generator set with automatic transfer switch cabinet can automatically start the generator set when the main power failure. Actually, if the customer has the distribution board (DB) of his own, our ATS cabinet still can coordinate with his DB for the auto transfer between the main power and genset power.

Our automatic transfer switching equipment adopts Chinese Aisikai, famous brand, SKT1 series, 4 poles auto transfer switches from 20A to 3200A. Their models are “SKT1-20A/4P, SKT1-40A/4P, SKT1-63A/4P, SKT180A/4P, SKT1-100A/4P,SKT1-125A/4P,SKT1-160A/4P, SKT1-250A/4P, SKT1-400A/4P, SKT1-630A/4P,SKT1-800A/4P, SKT1-1000A/4P, SKT1-1250A/4P, SKT1-1600A/4P, SKT1-2000A/4P, SKT1-2500A/4P, SKT1-3200A/4P.

Manufuturer is ” Yangzhou Aisikai Electric Co.,Ltd ” from China. Such kind of freestanding type auto transfer switching equipment is separated with gensen, friendly and convenient for the operation and maintenance. ATS cabinet is optional, so the buyer need to pay the extra money to have it.