YSD490D Yangdong diesel engine for genset

Yangdong diesel engine for generator set

Application : electricity generation

Engine model : YSD490D

Rated power ( KW/rpm ) : 21/1500  25/1800

Engine speed governor : mechanical type

Cooling way : water cooled

Country of origin : China

Manufacturer : Yangdong Co., Ltd.

Production time : within 20 days

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) : 1 set

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YSD490D Yangdong diesel engine for electricity generation

Yangzhou Yongcai Machinery Co., Ltd. is good at exporting Yangdong diesel engines, Yangdong diesel generators and spare parts of Yangdong diesel engine. We are a service-oriented company, focuses on improving value-added services at a good price for our customers. As a supplier who have already dealed with customers from more than 50 countries, we expect a business cooperation with you all along. The important thing is that currently you want to buy a genuine Yangdong YSD490D diesel engine from China. We are here just for you.

Yangdong YSD490D diesel engine, we already exported many sets of YSD490D Yangdong diesel engines to global markets. Yangdong YSD490D diesel engine is applied to generate electricity. Yangdong diesel engines are very popular all over the world. Diesel generator sets powered by Yangdong diesel engines are popular all over the world, too. If you need to buy a Yangdong diesel engine individually, we feel that you need to buy a corresponding radiator for your Yangdong diesel engine, because Yangdong Co., Ltd doesn’t supply the radiator to the customers. As a trustworthy exporter in China, our company can supply the corresponding radiator for your Yangdong diesel engine. Our radiator (water tank) is 40℃ or 50℃ radiator made of 100% copper materials without any aluminum materials. After you order a Yangdong diesel engine from our company, we often use the common base frame to put Yangdong diesel engine & radiator together. Securely mounted, plus a strong wooden case as outside packing material, these allow our customers to buy the rest assured, worry-free.

~~ Main technical parameters about Yangdong diesel engine YSD490D ~~

Yangdong diesel engine modelYSD490D
Engine typeVertical, water-cooled, 4 stroke
Combustion chamber typeDirect injector
Cylinder number4
Bore (mm)90
Stroke (mm)100
Compression ratio18
Displacement ( L )2.54
Firing order1-3-4-2
Rated power ( KW/rpm )21/1500  25/1800
Min fuel consumption at full load≤ 247.5 g/kw.h
Intake typeNatural aspiration
Cooling methodForced watercooling
Starting methodElectric by battery
Flywheel sizeSAE7.5″
Bell housing sizeSAE4#
Net weight230
Dimensions ( LxWxH )716 x 530 x 670 (mm)
Speed GovernorMechanical
Diesel Engine ManufacturerYangdong Co., Ltd.

YSD490D Yangdong diesel engine nameplate

Yangdong YSD490D diesel engine for genset

Yangdong diesel engines for genset manufactured by Yangdong Co., Ltd. in China

All of these Yangdong diesel engine models list are for your kind reference as follows.

  • YD380D Yangdong diesel engine
  • YD385D Yangdong diesel engine
  • YD480D Yangdong diesel engine
  • YD4KD Yangdong diesel engine
  • YND485D Yangdong diesel engine
  • YSD490D Yangdong diesel engine
  • Y490D Yangdong diesel engine
  • Y495D Yangdong diesel engine
  • Y4100D Yangdong diesel engine
  • Y4102D Yangdong diesel engine
  • Y4105D Yangdong diesel engine
  • Y4110D Yangdong diesel engine
  • Y4102ZLD Yangdong diesel engine
  • Y4105ZLD Yangdong diesel engine
  • YD4EZLD Yangdong diesel engine
  • Y4110ZLD Yangdong diesel engine
  • YD480DE Yangdong diesel engine  — E-Mark Diesel Engine For Generator
  • YND485DE Yangdong diesel engine  — E-Mark Diesel Engine For Generator
  • YND490DE Yangdong diesel engine  — E-Mark Diesel Engine For Generator

Yangdong diesel engines for genset, there are total 19 models for your chioce. When you send an enquiry to us, please tell us the following information in your mail.

  • Yangdong diesel engine model
  • 1500rpm Yangdong diesel engine or 1800rpm Yangdong diesel engine
  • the corresponding radiator for Yangdong diesel engine, do you need to buy 50℃ radiator or 40℃ radiator ?
  • Yangdong diesel engine YSD490D, its engine speed governor is mechanical as default. Do you need to add an electronic engine speed governor instead of original mechanical one ?
  • other requirements maybe you need to add

The production time for Yangdong diesel engines is 18-20 days. The port of loading is Shanghai port in China.

Yangdong YSD490D engine procurement is a long-term investment. You can count on us to protect your investment.

Quality, value and professional advice are the cornerstones of our business. Here, we kindly invite you to have a pleasant procurement experience and join into our family of the satisfied customers.

Please feel free to contact us, send your enquiry to [email protected] or directly add Whatsapp +86 189-3624-2835 for a faster reply. We will sacrifice all of our industrial experiece for your electric power demand. Thank you very much.