How to solve the white smoke coming out of a diesel engine ?

Blowing white smoke is a red flag for your diesel engine, but How do I solve the white smoke coming out of a diesel engine ?

There are many reasons why diesel engine gives off white smoke, mainly including the following aspects.

  • The temperature of diesel engine body is too low, diesel fuel is not easy to be vaporized and combusted, milky oil mist expels from the exhaust pipe. Partial diesel fuel without combustion becomes into oil steam, gives off from the exhaust pipe with smoke white. White smoke is often emitted from exhaust pipes at low temperature starting, especially in winter. But it belongs to a normal phenomenon that smoke color returns to be normal after engine temperature increases.
  • There is water in the diesel fuel supply system or water in the diesel fuel. So there will be water in the combustion chamber, which is heated into steam by the heat of combustion in the cylinder, and then discharged from the exhaust pipe, as a result, form white smoke.
  • Diesel fuel injection time is too late. Due to the late fuel injection time, the cylinder temperature has dropped when the fuel injection, partial diesel fuel is not burned, turns into fuel vapor from the exhaust pipe, emitting white smoke.
  • Diesel fuel injector or fuel injection pump is damaged, which directly leads to an insufficient fuel atomization. Poor atomization results in incomplete combustion of diesel fuel. The rest fuel with incomplete combustion will converge in the exhaust pipe with high-temperature exhaust gas under normal working situation, thus emitting white smoke.
  • Cylinder pressure is too low. Piston, cylinder and other parts seriously abrasion causes insufficient compression force, resulting in incomplete combustion. Some of the diesel fuels turn into vapor without being burned, so it emits white smoke from the exhaust pipe.
  • Inlet valve is not closed tightly, and white smoke will be generated.
  • loose bolts of cylinder head or cylinder head gasket burned to be damaged or cylinder liner rupture let the cooling water enter into the cylinder, finally leads to white smoke.
  • fuel injection pump fails to adjust the fuel volume
  • poor quality of diesel fuel or failure function of fuel-water separator, the fuel entering the engine cylinder will often contain water. This water will form uneven mixture gas of air and fuel after the diesel fuel is sprayed into the cylinder. So a large amount of water vapor will be generated after the compression combustion of the cylinder, making the engine emit white smoke.

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